I Love 2 Duet in 2020!

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NovellaLEVEL 111

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You are ALL Stars! <3

It's Time To Duet!

We want to join together in harmony this week and show the world why SingSnap is THE place to be! Two voices are better than one - let's show them how it's done!

The Love 2 Duet Challenge!

Love 2 Duet Challenge: Part A - You may complete any duet on the entire website on Friday, March 27th! The finished recording must be a duet and contain TWO voices! It does not have to be a typical duet, but it does have to have two voices (They can both be yours!!!) Only the finished duet has to be dated March 27. Oh - And no song limits! The more the merrier!

If you already know what song you would like to sing, you may request it be added to the feature page here for additional exposure!

Love 2 Duet Challenge: Part B - We're keeping it simple! All you have to do is at the start of the song say "I Love 2 Duet" That's it!

Last Chance For Free Pots of Gold!

Every person who completes this challenge will be awarded two pots of Gold! Each pot of Gold you receive this month will count as an entry in April's LifeTime Gold Membership Draw!

Rules and Guidelines!

1. The Challenge is open from 12:00 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST March 27, 2020! The finished song must be dated March 27.
2. Duets ONLY! You may duet with yourself. Your duet can contain as many people as you'd like but must have at least two voices.
3. Gender Benders are acceptable
4. You MUST have FUN! Fun, Fun, Fun!
5. Post your challenge link back in this thread.
6. Web cams are encouraged but not required.
7. Challenge is open to all members.
8. There is NO song limit!
9. Promotion of non-challenge songs is strictly prohibited.
10. Post your link only once, if you think you've been missed contact the SingSnap Events Team.
11. Did I mention you must have FUN?
12. The song must be submitted in the following format.

Song Title
Song Link

Happy Singing!

*Disclaimer: SingSnap will not answer anyone's inquiries as to whether or not they have or have not been featured. Being featured is a privilege, not a right or expectation. You will likely not be featured each and every challenge, and our team does not have the resources to be answering these inquiries while trying to keep everything moving along. Thank-You for your understanding!

mystikopalLEVEL 88

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Stay Well...I Care!

awesomeness! Now this I can do if my fav dueters are here..otherwise Ill just have to hijack some

EnioPedrozoLEVEL 104

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OPEN DUETS - Click here and join me please. Thank you!

wow... I love duets... feel free to joining me, thank you!

MY OPEN DUETS (click here to enjoy, thank you!)

See you on Friday! Hugs, my friends


Reply by ChaLuvGOLD

awesomeness! Now this I can do if my fav dueters are here..otherwise Ill just have to hijack some

Haha! Same here, Karen.

Have fun, everyone. Stay safe, healthy and all that good stuff!

Carol-ALEVEL 106

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Annie_MusicLEVEL 103

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Super fun unlimited duets

Great challenge

jc4uLEVEL 103

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"Pray without ceasing" "Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God" r/c68162207

MatkamLEVEL 105

Reply by MatkamGOLD

Sending prayers your way be safe stay healthy <3

I duets!!!

mandyrifficLEVEL 54

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Are you participating in the Duet Challenge? I am! Check it out!

Yay!! Going to have some fun with this one!

__Angels__LEVEL 110

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yay !!!!! ill going growl again!!!!!

Angelgirl758LEVEL 111

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Oh yeah its Baacccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck!!!!

Angelgirl758LEVEL 111

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karenLEVEL 59

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CorkyGirlLEVEL 94

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Stay Safe and Healthy My Sweet Friends..God Bless


VitaminDeeLEVEL 101

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Stay safe, be kind and find joy in the little things

iitaLEVEL 83

Reply by iitaPATRON

Two, three, four or more... it is always lovely to sing together

MoxieMainiac68LEVEL 74

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Woohoo!!!! friday's my BIRTHDAY!!!!! and I love to duet!!!! sounds like a fun day!!!!

trojan55LEVEL 111

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DarkeyedDimplesLEVEL 93

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Thank you for coming By*********Bless you!!!!!!!!!!


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JOIN US FOR KENNY ROGERS TRIBUTE forum/topic/c11e5ce6?lastpage=9b1c6


Reply by JCGOLD

Im like so there yaaa Go Singing friends !

DevilessLEVEL 104

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looking forward to this

Sparrow6LEVEL 94

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In the name of Jesus Heal the Whole World with your healing hands

Oh yes let's go I love to duet

marywulsLEVEL 104

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Hope we are all staying home and safe just keep singing x


RNorman1929LEVEL 74

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I'll try, but there are so many duets I can't sing in the NORMAL setting. I don't have my high range anymore.

Bear50LEVEL 96

Reply by Bear50GOLD

r/cdaa22417 "Crossfire" gotta love SRV



Reply by MyMusicalDreamGOLD

My list is open to be completed

MaxyWaxyLEVEL 102

Reply by MaxyWaxyGOLD

i'm in

MotownSingerLEVEL 95

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"Sing from your heart - The rest will take care of it's self"

I have duets if you are intrested - nice idea -

MysticRose2388LEVEL 80

Reply by MysticRose2388GOLD

Colorful Username Anyone?

Definitely Flagging!

MysticRose2388LEVEL 80

Reply by MysticRose2388GOLD

Colorful Username Anyone?

rockafrybabyLEVEL 95

Reply by rockafrybabyGOLD

I have great open duets! Have at it! Be safe everyone! Still quite dicy out there seeing more things shutting down or being limited! Thank God for SingSnap to have fun with friends!

MathewI446LEVEL 42

Reply by MathewI446

I'll be there.

-Eeyore-LEVEL 111

Reply by -Eeyore-GOLD

Anyone is free to join me on a song or two.

wranglerLEVEL 89

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NazzoLEVEL 102

Reply by NazzoGOLD

Lue profiilini nyt tyttö

lonesomesoul80LEVEL 79

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Flagging and relishing the challenge

hunnie_angelLEVEL 79

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ChuckcLEVEL 92

Reply by ChuckcGOLD

Duets!!! See You Friday

cannotsing24LEVEL 107

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To all Snappers thank you and stay safe ,,,,,,

Flagging ,,,,,,,,,,

ragtime108LEVEL 96

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I guess it's still difficult to do duets with the Android app, so I'll have to either get my laptop fixed or get a new one by Friday ...

Though I do have a few open duets recorded on the app that I think I can jam with on the app (and I have some regular open duets that anyone can try ...)

JM2015LEVEL 48

Reply by JM2015GOLD

Sounds like fun! I may give it a try.
Maybe I can find someone to sing
with me.

miniwilledmermaidLEVEL 79

Reply by miniwilledmermaidGOLD

Oh baby yes....myself and hubby Danowa will be there

Stacey57LEVEL 88

Reply by Stacey57PATRON

Somewhere in time


quietkool12LEVEL 64

Reply by quietkool12GOLD

If I enter this it will be my very first contest in over 10 years

Bucks_FizzLEVEL 109

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Stay safe everyone! *hugs*

amor14344LEVEL 102

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meghieLEVEL 92

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Wow I love duets

dsider63LEVEL 105

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NightinGalLEVEL 66

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I love duets see you Friday

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