sing snap originals...HELP !

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Mojo_RisinLEVEL 15

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Does anyone know how to do this? I don't seem to be able to find the entry point? Where is the button? LOL...And rules, oh yeah...I realize that there are such things are copyright rules and stipulations but do they apply if you are just doing a song ocapella? (sp) I always have trouble with that word...
Anyway, any suggestions or help will be appreciated...

Katie-and-DennisLEVEL 28

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There is a blank track for you to record your original song...

You can find it here:

AnnieLEVEL 52

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Hi Mojo,

Yes, copyright rules apply even for acapella recordings as the lyrics are also copyrighted. The SingSnap Original should only be used for songs that you have written and hold the copyright to.

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