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Hello Everyone,
IM looking in to buying a nice system for Karaoke in our family/rec room. I heard voco pro has some nice systems. I dont want to invest in a real expensive one but dont mind spending money on quality. Right now all I have is a Behinger mixer 1202 FX and a MML 3000 mic and stand and just record on here through sing snap. I would be so appreciative if someone could tell me what kind of set up they may have that is more on the professional side of it all. I want to host some parties in my home and I Just LOVE singing, so it will be worth the investment in to a system. I would really need to know piece by piece what I would need, Im new to this kind of thing (set Up). Thank you to anyone who could provide this info to me before I make a bad investment in to something I would regret.. Does not have to be the Voco Pro, Im in to any suggestions... Thanks so much.

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Hiya Gina........ with the SingSnap "Sing" feature...it enables you to turn your TV into a karaoke machine.....

All you would need is your mic etc......

This will allow you to host parties at home etc......

Here it is..... http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/sing

I don't have an ordinary karaoke machine in my home anymore....I just use this....mainly because with a machine you would need to also buy all the backing tracks.....with the "Sing" feature you can access all the tracks you like on your gold membership..........

Hope that helps.......at least to get you started......

GinaMarie11LEVEL 19

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AWesome, never knew you could hook it right to your TV.. Love this!!! Thank you so much!!!

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Your very welcome... Hope you have fun!

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I have a Voco Pro Twister 2 and host small parties and clubs with it. I have a set of wireless mics and also use my computer program for songs but I am able to access Singsnap songs and offer up a wider selection. The twister 2 has all I need for home fun with key changer and echo, bass and treble control. It is easily portable and doesn't take up a lot of room in my family room. Best of luck...

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TV sound systems and home theater systems in general are not the best for karaoke, if you want to play at significant volume you need pro audio equipment. I rent out karaoke machines I have two RSQ systems for this purpose, and yamaha powered mixers and speakers for larger gigs.

Home audio amps will clip under pressure of people getting loud on the mic. Maybe with people you know can keep themselves under control you can get away with it.

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I sorta disagree with Karaokegod... I assume you're just talking about having a party and singing some karaoke with friends and family, and not trying to host karaoke in a crowded bar-room...

My opinion is if you hook your computer up to your home stereo, it ought to work just fine...

We do it here at the woof house all the time.


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If you have a quality sound system then yes, if you have a 5 watt per channel system it is not going to take the beating. Cheap amplifiers do not provide clipping protection and speakers can and will be damaged.


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Some home systems will have an amplifier and speakers with the capacity to produce the sound, others wont. And amplifiers pushed beyond their rating can cause speaker damage.

Most home systems will run into trouble as a karaoke device because they are not designed for that use. Home systems produce sound from recorded or remote signals. The ideal is a room filled with uniform sound levels. There is no open mic to produce feedback. An open mic is likely to have heavy feedback before the desired sound level is reached.

Karaoke is more a stage production, needing high sound levels for listeners and low sound levels at the mic position to prevent feedback. Most home systems will have permanent speaker locations that don't achieve those conditions. There is a reason that stage productions, and even home karaoke, have main speakers directed at listeners, a monitoring system for the singer that avoids an excessive sound level at the mic location, and highly directional dynamic mics. It's what works best.

werewoofLEVEL 37

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Well, all I know is what I have at home works just fine.

I was just trying to provide the original poster with an alternative to spending a bunch of money needlessly.

Again I reiterate. I didn't think that person is trying to produce a professional level karaoke production. I was under the assumption that they just wanted to have fun with friends and family at a party in the living room.

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i use a tc helicon voice live play{£ 209] its a bit expensive but worth every penny easy to set up and use but it will make your karaoke night one to remember. [ i do not work for t.c helicon but i do use there product,s] please use the internet to find out about this product before purchase to see if it is what you need you wont be dissapointed..john..