problems with SS again

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Wishing all my American friends a happy and blessed July 4th

I checked your "service status" and nothing shows today but is there something going on with sing snap recording today?

I have tried both Chrome and Edge and I can't record on either. Chrome 1st let me record a song and then it would never let me save and then I tried again to sing a song and it wouldn't bring up the screen to record - it just said "connecting". I tried in Edge and 1/3 way through my song it says "connection interrupted" and stops -- this also just happened when I tried again in Chrome.

I can get onto lots of other internet websites and my download speed is 172.53 & upload speed 179.91, so my computer is working well. I can also use skype and facebook video chats.

I don't know if I should post under "general discussion", but this would be where I would look for any problems discussed.

Thanks your your assistance.

-TinaLEVEL 108


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