Browsers, flash, screen readers, and SingSnap

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Hello all. It's been more than a year since I've recorded anything, which is hard for even me to believe. I've recently decided I want to start using SingSnap again, mainly because a friend keeps bugging me about it. As some of you know, I use a screen reader on my computer. However, I am not using the same computer I was before. I'm trying to set up SingSnap to work with this new computer. I used to be able to read the contents of the flash object, but I don't use Internet Explorer much anymore; these days I mainly stick with Chrome, and occasionally Firefox. But on Chrome, my screen reader can't access the contents of the flash object, and when I try to run the setup wizard using Firefox, the browser just hangs for some reason. The only browser I could do anything with was IE. So am I going to have to go back to using IE to record on SingSnap?

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Will finish returning Challenge visits over the weekend

There's been issues with Chrome this past year .

I use Windows Edge, but, you need Windows 10

IE still works fine for me if needed ..

Good luck

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This computer is running Windows 10 but I haven't tried Edge yet. Maybe I'll try it out just to see if I can do anything with it.

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I just tried Edge, and my screen reader did not even encounter the flash object. Guess I'll just use IE if I want to record on SingSnap.