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NovellaLEVEL 108

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Introducing Enhanced Sorting!

SingSnap has developed a brand new tool to help the free membership base easily locate songs that are accessible for them! In one easy click, they'll be able to see what songs SingSnap has to offer - for FREE!

At the top of every page where songs are listed you will see a "Sorting" button directly beneath the drop-down menu. Simply check that box, press submit and all the free songs available in your selected category will appear at the top of the list.

This tool has been requested by the masses and while it has been developed to assist Blue members in maximizing their SingSnap experience, it will also be beneficial for contest hosts! In one easy click, you'll be able to ensure your song selection includes songs for all members of the community!

Happy Sorting!

MandyLEVEL 23

Reply by MandyGOLD

That will definitely make it easier for the Blue members to find their songs! Thanks


Reply by ChadCGOLD

well that is a great idea. anything to make it easier and the process of selection less tedious. Great that staff is trying to cater to the "blue" members a bit and maybe this show of interest in our blue members will convince some or all of them to become gold.. Thanks for the info.............


tizwazLEVEL 6

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It gave me something to do hehehehe

Caz999LEVEL 1

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fantastic idea!!



LOVE THIS!!! I had been thinking for a while now that there should be a way to do this. Fantastic job!!

xKrazyxLEVEL 4

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This is tremendous yaaaaaaaaay x x x


Reply by Terry

well that is cool!!!!!!

OhioTomLEVEL 44

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Nice! That's awesome!


Reply by RobSTAFF +12

Very Awesome!!!
This has been asked for so many times, I'm glad to see it implemented.

teenabeenLEVEL 5

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That's really great .. I have been and will be blue at times ahead, so can appreciate what this means for blue members....Singsnap is really advancing, ty again

Nick1992LEVEL 75

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great done ss! that gives them more time for singing and less for searching! LOL


Reply by GlaszEyesGOLD

Wonderful! Many kudos.

donnyxxxLEVEL 24

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this is a superb idea,,,when i was blue i had to crawl through all the feature songs to find which ones i could sing.....well done


Reply by MrBoo

Ohh, that does help!

Gold members: Remember that if you want to do a feature duet, you might get more versions if you sort this way and select the blue version. There have been several duets I couldn't do because someone selected a gold only version. OK, I could do them if I went gold.. LOL

And I might soon but I usually don't mind the limited selection as it forces me to sing things I might not normally do..

CheekylilvixenLEVEL 2

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wow! did not realize how many of the NEW chart toppping songs that BLUES had. If I had not been sponsored for a year, I would be blue at the moment. Which would mean, I'd be happy like christmas morning opening presents! lol

christireneeLEVEL 19

Reply by christirenee

yes this will sure beat sorting out thru 30 pages of the feature songs to find one or two that blue members are actually able to do. (notice, I am gold when stating this! )

JoneyLEVEL 32

Reply by JoneyGOLD

Another superb move


Reply by powerslave

what`s the use if they cut almost all blue songs???

Ugly_VoiceLEVEL 30

Reply by Ugly_Voice

Kudos SS...another improvement...

...well at least blue member doesn't have to search on pages of songs and all blues sees is ..'subscribe'. makes things easier to search


Reply by Dogger35

Dang SS, you keep making improvements so fast it's hard to think of things to bitch about!

paulcarpenter1971LEVEL 42

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What, was someone out there reading my mind?....I was just wondering a couple days ago how this kind of thing could be done, and voila! It's done.....hmmmm, wonder what other things I can think up that you'll beat me to, or read my mind lol (just kidding....this is really cool)


Reply by Shelatido

This is a great feature and makes things a little easier when searching for sure. Thanks SS for adding this!

The screenshot is a little outdated and incorrect though.


Reply by Shelatido

I must add though, that this feature was almost a necessity given the reduction in free songs. There may be way less songs but at least the one or two that are there for an artist are at my fingertips rather than the frustration of scrolling through pages of songs to find them.

3z_riderLEVEL 1

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it sure makes it easier than before...but!! before when i was searching thru the subscribe songs i'd see a song and think hmmm its almost worth goin gold to be able to sing that song....thanks for makin my choice a simple one...a wise man once said "The fastest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket" I think the way to show what gold has to offer is to give ppl a chance to experience it for a month free....(hmmm (free) theres that word again) the stereo....full screen...pitch change...and all else that comes with gold really dont seem to be that big of a deal to me..It's the song choice..

AnnieLEVEL 85

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Hi 3z. There is a way to experience a free month of gold at the hands of a lot of very generous people. You can nominate yourself or anyone else to receive a free month of gold by sending a message to SingSnap Gold Fund.

OldLadySalLEVEL 2

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In trying to assist a blue member who is a contestant in our Christmas in July contest, it was really disappointing to find only four songs available under the Holiday genre. FOUR songs out of all of those. We either allow the contestant to sing one song twice or drop out..... neither being a happy choice.

wilfred1973LEVEL 43

Reply by wilfred1973

This is really not good. Ivé beiing here for a long time to sing but now that I have no money for gold member the blue member has olmost no options to sing here anymore. This is not a good featured for me so I think I'll go search for another site that's have more song for a free membership to sing *content removed*.

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Reply by mtboy

it is not good thing we need more song to sing


Reply by mtboy

Hi 3z. There is a way to experience a free month of gold at the hands of a lot of very generous people. You can nominate yourself or anyone else to receive a free month of gold by sending a message to SingSnap Gold Fund. Annie
i was gold in dec 2009 it was great i loved it but i am on ssd that is all i have to live on. that is not much


Reply by daisyrightheartx