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wellfieldLEVEL 67

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Will Singsnap ever bring back some form of 'Flash Player' for our recordings.


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Hi Campbell! I believe this thread has an answer for you. Cheers!

RichAllenLEVEL 75

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The Flash player is being replaced by the end of this year.

DevilsAdvocateLEVEL 9

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Actually Rich, Adobe Flash will cease to exist at the end of this year. The SingSnap Flash based player/recorder will be replaced with the new player currently in development along with a new website. There's been no time given when the new player and website will rollout so it could be anytime this year as far as we know. I would guess SingSnap would rather not wait until the end of 2020. As well, the website is secure on the sign in page and payment area with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) only. So this a pressing issue as well but should be addressed with the new website.

wellfieldLEVEL 67

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Thank you all!

giftedbreathLEVEL 44

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used to be I could listen to my favorites during my lunch break from my PC. NOW I can't due to the flash player being terminated.
So frustrating but it looks like the solution to this problem never came in time... hopefully it will soon because I can't use my phone when I have to use it for work purposes as well.