**RESULTS**J&D's Calendar girls(January Edition) "Loving You" Elvis bday celebration**

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J&D's CG@H#106 Rnd#1 is up!

This is our "Contestants acknowledgment award" given out to all of you as a token of our appreciation. We loved having you with us and hope to see you all again soon!! Thank you and Congratulations on such wonderful performances ladies!!


Hello ladies and welcome to "J&D's Calendar girls 1 song only contest "Loving you" Elvis' bday Celebration. We hope you have enjoyed your time with us as much as we have enjoyed having you and hearing you sing. I can tell you that "judging" all of you wasn't an easy task. For this edition, there are TIES but everyone who places as in all of our contests receives their own personalized banner. Choosing "winners" is never easy but since it's a CONTEST we have to or we'd have to give everyone a banner and call it a CHALLENGE but that's not why you are here right? lol ;) so now, here are the results without any further blah blah" from yours truly , starting with one for ALL OF YOU, our "Contestants acknowledgment" award. Thank you all for joining us!! We hope to see you all soon! :)
Denise & Johnny :)

***Fifth place winner(tie), "starlite12" Congratulations!!


***Fifth place winner(tie), "Oldgreymare" Congratulations!!


***Fourth place winner(tie), "KathyMarie" Congratulations!!


***Fourth place winner(tie), "blacklo" Congratulations!!


***Fourth place winner(tie), "Susie_Q" Congratulations!!


***Thirdplace winner(tie), "SHANDEBEL" Congratulations!!


***Second place winner(tie), "RedAmy64" Congratulations!!


***Second place winner(tie), "DUCKYSMOM46" Congratulations!!


***Miss January 2020, "Robinique" Congratulations!!


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congrats to all the winners! Thanks Denise & Johnny for hosting a super Elvis Presley contest! hugs***********************************************Sylvia!

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My chin hit the floor. Thank you so much! Congratulations to all! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone's song choices. I heard songs that I don't think I had ever heard before. Thank you for such a fun experience Denise and Johnny!

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Wtg to the winners !!! I enjoyed

Being on the same stage as all of you

Ms Denise and Johnny it was a great contest

Hugs and God Bless Gail

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Nice contest, thanks for having us and thanks for hosting. Lora


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Congrats to everyone...thanks Denise and Johnny for a greattt contest!! Love this Elvis one!! The banners are beautiful...thanks you for mine...:)

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Congratulations to all you lovely ladies and yes thank you to Denise and Johnny for all there hard work to put on this contest! Lisa ~

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Congrats to all the winners! Everyone did a great job! Thanks to Denise and Johnny for a great Elvis contest! Love, Janie

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Congrats Ladies !!
Thanks D & Johnny for the contest xx



I really want to Thank You for the 2nd place placement, I didnt think i woul get any since my voice was atill croaky from my cold and throat infection, and to have gotten 2nd place is a real shock and an honor,
Thanks to our great hosts for this super contest, and congrats to all the other winners, you all were GREAT

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THANKS so much for the Participation Banner, Denise! I always love receiving those from you because they are always so PRETTY!!!!!

Hear all of you soon

Happy Singing


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J&D's CG@H#106 Rnd#1 is up!

Hello ladies!! We are so happy to know that you enjoyed your time with us, that's what's more important to us. YOU made this contest of ours a PURE SUCCESS. Without YOU, there's nothing, so we want to THANK YOU greatly for joining us and for sharing your voices with us and the world. We loved hosting for all of you. I want to say thank you for the lovely compliments as well, they go straight to my heart, never my head! We had a great time with this special edition, our first of 2020!!
We will be back with our 2nd in February that's for sure!
AS OF NOW........... We will be back IN AUDITIONS, THIS COMING WEEKEND, for our "J&D's Country girls @ heart #106 we hope you'll come join us then. Keep an eye out for us and if you really want to make sure you do not miss out, you can RESERVE YOUR SPOT, by SENDING ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE, If you are sure you can commit to 4 rounds that is. This is mostly for our "regulars" who know the drill haha! till then, we wish you all a great week ahead ladies, stay safe and warm!!!
Denise & Johnny


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Thank you for the banners Denise and Johnny! This was a fun contest, in honor of the King! Putting my banner on my song now



ANNUAL JANIS CONTEST - forum/topic/ad19349e?lastpage=9b1c6#last

Thank you as always for a great contest, Denise and Johnny. The banners are beautiful, and
so appreciated.
Congrats to all of you ladies....my listens were pure pleasure this morning.
Nothin' beats Elvis.........

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This was an absolute THRILL to hear all us women singin' Elvis!

Congrat's to the winner's!

Anybody that's an Elvis fan is a winner, to ME!

I certainly enjoyed!!!!!!!!


God bless ya all!
(HUGS) for the whole lot of ya's!


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Congrats to the Ladies here.... beautiful sings...
Beautiful banners Denise... Loved being a part of this great contest.....

Until next time, hugs to all.....

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Congrats to my KC Chiefs AFC Champs... After 50 years we're going to the Superbowl baby whoohoo...

Congratulations to all the ladies that won especially Miss January Robinique... Ms D your banners are amazing... No one does them like you can... Thank you and Johnny for another wonderful contest

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J&D's CG@H#106 Rnd#1 is up!

Thank you ladies, we appreciate your kind words!! We can't wait to have you all back again with us soon!!
Denise & Johnny