Mixer not working?

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The mixer does not appear to be even close to producing what is requested. Here is the "before":

Requested (click to hear)

...and the "after":

Result (click to hear)

The relative volumes are way off (very low on vocals).


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I think the SS mixer applies some effects to a recording. Maybe a small amount of compression and a chorus/reverb delay, along with the signal raised (normalized). But what I think is causing what you hear is an EQ adjustment. I've been thinking I was hearing this for more than a week.

In working with bands, I often saw a mixer or separate equalizer set up with a "smiley face". And I knew right then the sound guy was a rank amateur. A "smiley face" is a setting where the bass and high frequencies are boosted while the mids (vocals ?) are cut. It looks like this ...

Nothing about this new recorder is pro, it's all amateur.