Any tips for improvement?

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Hi, I'm new to this site and I joined because I was I was looking for a music community I could get honest and helpful advice on how to be a better singer. I don't intend on doing singing professional, but I love to sing and I think it's fun to challenge myself in my singing. So, I'm not just singing purely for the fun of it, but I'm also improving my skill for it. So, any thoughts or opinions on whether I am atleast decent at singing and what I can do to be better would be great to hear? Based on a sing test I found online I think my vocal range is between C3 to C6 so any song suggestions for what I can sing I'd also like to hear. I don't know how to put my snapsing recording on here, but on the app I sang Demi Lavatos song skyscraper under the username silverfeline.

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I only joined here a month ago and asked how to get listens etc and one member said have a go at a competition on here, comment on other members singing, listen how others sing. Don't try and be Demi lavato, be yourself. I don't mean don't sing her songs but find the right key for you to sing her songs in. Her vocal range may be very different to yours, but if you bring it down a bit and keep trying and practising you will find what you are capable of. Sing some older songs to find what you are comfortable with. Some big current chart toppers are very hard to sing. little steps will get you there.

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Check this out!

You have a lovely voice.
Welcome to SingSnap.

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Thank you for a year of Gold, all the trinkets and listening to my recordings

I would say singing depends upon your breathing
sitting and standing position , keep the chin up facing the wall
shoulders back weather sitting or standing, never cross you legs
while sitting , do mouth excs don't create a false vibrator makes
you sound Ugly be natural ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Hope everyone’s keeping safe! X

Ok - so you want advice and honesty. You don’t get more honest than me. I can’t be doing with beating around the bush lol. I’m a choreographer and production singer in the UK so I’m talking from experience and honesty.
First of all - well done for trying to tackle a big song. Demi Lovato isn’t an easy song to sing.
Firstly you need to warm your voice up.. scales. You have the range to hit the notes but your not supporting them at all. You’re also taking up a really bad habit of “scretching” the note out - almost like your bursting the notes out with no control. Which doesn’t sound great - I’m sorry. Singers don’t just “sing” it’s a journey. When to breathe, when to hold, where to pitch.
Get a keyboard or find a note and try and “hit” that note... not the 2 before and roll into it! That’s what takes practice - sometimes years! You didn’t film yourself so have no idea how you’re standing either - but SUPPORT your notes. Go for a song less drastic and dramatic... maybe something more mellow then work up to bigger songs. Otherwise all you’re going to do is ruin your vocal chords bartering them to try and hit high notes... it’s a muscle, warm it up. scales are boring but absolutely essential IF you want to be a better singer. if you don’t... that’s fine, keep just singing anything! BUT if you want to get better (you have the ability in the range of your voice) you need to practice. Hope that helps!
I don’t message most if I don’t think there’s a hope in hell of them ever being able to “sing” so that should tell you something with the fact ive messaged you.
Good job though! X

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Well I can tell you now silverfeline the way you sing that song Skyscraper was absolutely terrible. You are not Demi Lovato you are silverfeline. The worst mistake a singer can make is trying to sound like the original artist. Somtimes you can actually do that but thats one of the worst things that karaoke singers do is they try to sound the way the artist did. My advice to you is sing that song comfortable I can tell the way you sing it you was not comfortable at all. You gotta be relaxed and comfortable and singing that song should be easy as talking. Your vocals imo are nice you just sing that song nervous the whole time you tried to be Demi Lovato in that song and again you do not want to do that as you will not sound yourself but try to sound like her and mess up singing the song screaming the song trying to reach her range. Feel the song. Get into your own zone and just sing comfortable if you are forcing yourself to do anything you are not singing correctly.

One of the main things about singing is singing comfortable. As others has said take your time on getting those high notes. Dont force those high notes and dont go over your normal comfortable range. Im not saying sing easy songs that is in your comfort zone the whole time absolutely not your voice will never grow doing that. Sing any song you want to but make sure it fits your voice and make sure you meet your max range in those songs on those high notes but dont go over your range as you do this and practice this you will notice that your voice will only get stronger and stronger and you will feel your range growing. Hope this helps ya! Also sometimes you will still go over your range all us singers sometimes do but when you notice that you do correct it dont stay abusing your voice trying to go over your vocal range the whole time. Pay attention to how you sing. Pay attention to your voice and whats new about it each time you sing. #1 thing Keep confident Breathe and just sing. You have a nice voice keep singing and keep having fun!

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Hey Silverfeline, I liked your voice on low notes it was great, of course there's room for improvement but from what I heard you have the voice to get there. As for the high notes, hitting high notes requires training probably for months and training not just by singing but also by exercising regularly (You can find warm-up videos on YouTube) These exercises help widen your range and allow you in time to hit those high notes you want to hit, but be ware not everyone can hit high notes (It depends on your vocal range) You can try singing in another key which might help with your range. My advice to you (At least that's how I started) practice daily for about 30 minutes a day and record the first day you start and after a month record the same song and you'll see the difference. Also, breath control is very important when singing, you need to learn to take breaths between lines (Not every line) Also if you can't hit high notes don't try and force it, it could damage your vocal cords, just try to ease into it one step at a time by training everyday. Best of luck.