The demise of Flash and what comes next?

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As we know support for Flash is due to end by 2020 which is not far away. Since this site uses Flash extensively I wondered what the future holds? I am already encountering problems with Google Chrome and Flash, constantly asking for permission despite what I have set in the Flash Global settings panel. This is only going to get worse, so whats happening with this site and how soon will we see changes?


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Just bringing this over from another thread.....

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I'd guess it's coincidental and Windows 10 updates has nothing to do with Chrome and the 'run flash' message, rather Chromes update. It would seem to follow the major browsers timeline of phasing out Flash.


According to the Flash roadmap posted on the Chromium website -- Chromium is the open-source project that feeds code to Chrome itself -- around July 2018 (and with the debut of Chrome 66), sites that continue to use Flash will require explicit user okay to show that content. That user approval must be given after each browser restart.

In "mid to late 2018," Edge will be updated so that it requires user authorization for each Flash session. No change to IE.

At some point in the second half of 2018, probably in Firefox 61 through Firefox 64, the browser will no longer remember the Flash setting. Users will have to activate the plug-in in each browser session.

Lots of info on the above link than what I posted.

Is the site secure? Partially but still a security risk and needs to be fixed pronto. Most likely they are in the process of doing all that needs to be done.

I was wondering the same thing as I've been experiencing lots of problems with Chrome this last week and it looks like this will be happening with Edge browser soon. If I try clicking on a members DUET the player just won't load at all using Chrome.

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I am wondering though bunnykins said windows 10 updates has no affect on flash,but ever since I updated to windows 10 I can no longer get my cam to work with singsnap,I even bought a new webcam and still no luck.I have tried webcammax,manycam and even cyberlink youcam as well,I also tried getting my webcam to show up in manycam then running manycam through webcammax,now this did work and allow the setup to go through but after it went through,when I am on the actual recording page either the cam freezes or the video I am trying to add will play but after the recording stops and I go to review before saving the video then video just disappears,even though it was playing all the way through,have read that some were complaining stating that is was windows 10 but I am wondering if is actually flash causing this,also my new webcam will not show up in the camera section in device manager on win 10,it does however show up in the imaging devices so does manycam but webcammax isn't showing up anywhere in device manager,the new camera is Logitech quickcam orbit AF,the other cam that is equipped on my laptop is HP TrueVision HD,which this camera I tried as well still no luck..I am stumped at where the problem lies,have tried contacting microsoft and they certainly were not helpful,if anyone can explain how I might be able to fix this I would sure appreciate it,when I had win vista I had no problems and it worked great but also I switched to win 10 about the same time I was noticing problems with flash,like having to continuously reallow flash to be used on certain sites including ss....oh yeah btw my browser is Microsoft edge if this helps.I use this because if I ever need to format or fdisk my computer the web favorites are always saved

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Try using IE, Edge, or Firefox as your browser then try the cam app.

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Try using IE, Edge, or Firefox as your browser then try the cam app.Steve-G

I already use edge but funny thing I disabled both cams then stopped using webcammax and manycam and now both cams show up in singsnap as camera one and 2 but here is the strange part I didn`t set them up in the singsnap setup wizard,they just showed up when I go to record and I have no idea how it happened lol,still would like to get the effects from manycam or webcammax to work but really I think that is out of the question my orbit AF used to have effects some but not many but since logitechs updated drivers for win 10 logitech no longer support the effects but like i said there were only a few anyway,but i will try other browsers to see if I can get webcammax or manycam to show up

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well folks I finally got webcammax to work on firefox but for how long,who knows lol
also downloaded a addon to firefox called HTML5 Video Tag Enhancer,I haven't used it and don't know if this had anything to do with it or not but steve-G your advice worked so thanks

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Ronnie i have had flash drive problems i am not a computer person can anybody help me
With do

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I've already dropped Firefox due to them killing Java.

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There's other browsers that still employ Java. One is maxathon 5.

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corrected...maxthon5. it's not the greatest browser but had very few problems.