Glo's Christmas Birthday Celebration

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carmerappleLEVEL 81

Reply by carmerappleGOLD

Congratulations to all the winners...
Have a happy and blessed Birthday Christmas Day Gloria!
Stay well please... God Bless!!! Cindy


Reply by Tetiana_170764GOLD

Wonderful and memorable contest! Great wishes and huggs and Happy Birthday to You ! Love this beautiful banner and thank you much! My congrats to all the winners! Have a great weekend!

FinnPeterLEVEL 104

Reply by FinnPeterGOLD +6

Singers From Afar Club---Get More Listens-->Welcome!

Thanks Gloria for another great contest and congrats to all the winners !

DeerJohnLEVEL 93

Reply by DeerJohnGOLD +1

Thanks for contest and congrats to the winners!

ellen_maeLEVEL 71

Reply by ellen_maeGOLD

Great contest! and Gorgeous banners Glo~@@@@@@@@ Thank you!


Reply by BunnykinsGOLD +4 +1

SO MANY STARS - r/c4bb9bd1d

Thank you for another awesome contest and the beautiful banner. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday and Christmas.

KweenOfHeartsLEVEL 54

Reply by KweenOfHeartsPATRON

What a wonderful fun filled contest Gloria, want to thank you for your hard work making another successful contest. Your Banners are always so beautiful and I thank you for my placement and the awesome Banner. Thanks to all the great, talented singers, it was a pleasure hearing all the awesome songs submitted. Congrats to all who participated.

sheilaleinLEVEL 45

Reply by sheilaleinGOLD

thank you Gloria Darcy and judges for our banners...thank you for hosting this.....andit was fun singing with all the others......I enjoyed so much....thank you again...and may the spirit of Christmas be with us all the whole year through

Teacup10LEVEL 69

Reply by Teacup10GOLD

Thank you so much, Gloria! That's a beautiful banner and I'll display it proudly on my profile page.

Conratulations to all the winners!

BobbyGLEVEL 71

Reply by BobbyGGOLD +1


Thanks for the nice banner Gloria~ Congrats to All the winners!

kinnahsdadLEVEL 28

Reply by kinnahsdadGOLD

Thanks for the awesome banner Gloria! I had fun in this contest! Congrats to all the other winners! Merry Christmas to everyone!

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