**RESULTS**J&D's Calendar girls (July 2019 edition)**RESULTS**

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We will be in auditions SOON ladies <3 Thanks for asking :)

Hello ladies and welcome to our RESULTS!!
Well let us just say that this was another DIFFICULT EDITION TO JUDGE. You ladies delighted us with your performances and we had the difficult task to choose "winners". That said, we don't have TIES all that often and when we do, there aren't that many but this one's for the books so to say lol :) We have ties in 3 placings :o and we sure hope you don't mind it! Everyone who PLACED receives their own personalised banner as usual. We hope you enjoy them. I had the toughest time making up my mind how I wanted them done and well with all I'm going through this is what I came up with and I hope I chose the right ones that will please you girls :) That said, without any other delays, below you'll find the placings from 5th to our MISS JULY 2019. We congratulate EVERYONE who participated, extra kudos to our top winners and we hope to find you back with us again real soon ladies. It was a pleasure hosting another edition for you. Till we meet up again, take care, stay safe and happy!! <3 :) Share the music and the love around you! <3
Johnny & Denise :)

>>>>>Participation banner for all of you <3


5TH PLACE WINNER(tie) >>>>>RedAmy64


5TH PLACE WINNER(tie) >>>>>PamelaJane


4TH PLACE WINNER(tie) >>>>>webcat444


4TH PLACE WINNER(tie) >>>>>rose2


3RD PLACE WINNER(tie) >>>>>lindy_ann


3RD PLACE WINNER(tie) >>>>>BonnieK4506


2ND PLACE WINNER(tie) >>>>>Terri-anne




**MISS JULY 2019>>>>>jennyg


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We will be in auditions SOON ladies <3 Thanks for asking :)

Ladies, I am just now looking over my notes and an error has slipped It seems like I forgot ONE BANNER. I will be adding an extra 5TH PLACE since there was a TIE there too , I just FORGOT My apologies. That 5th place goes to RedAmy64. I will go now and design it for her and add it in there before I put myself to bed. Thank you all for another wonderful edition and pardon my boo boo, no one said I was perfect right? haha! Thanks ladies

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congrats to all the winners, congrats to jennyg for being miss july 2019! thanks denise & johnny for hosting an awesome contest! i sure had fun! see you all next time! hugs******

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We will be in auditions SOON ladies <3 Thanks for asking :)

Thank you so much Sylvia!! It's always a joy to have you with us hon!! See you soon


Reply by rose2GOLD

congrats to all the winners.Thank you
for the contest and the beautiful banner.
Hope your health gets better Denise.take care
sweet angel.Take good care of her Johnny.
I'm sure you will.

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Thank you so much for your great contest, Denise and Johnny! I don't get to participate often, but I Love those calendar girl events! October 2015 was the first time I ever entered a contest on SS... and it was one of your calendar girl contest... I Loved it so much, it got me hooked to SS!!

And my goodness... thank you so much for my placement and the beautiful banner!! It made my day!! I know you put lots of work in your banners Denise, and they are always beautiful!! I will put it proudly on my profile page!!

Congratulations to all the banner winners! You were all wonderful! And I had an amazing time listening to all those beautiful songs!

I hope you get to feel better soon, Denise! Try to rest, and don't do too much! Prends bien soin de toi! xox

Wishing everyone a wonderful day/evening!! And hoping to see you all very soon, in Singnsap land!

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We will be in auditions SOON ladies <3 Thanks for asking :)

Good evening once more ladies!! Passing by with my Johnny before hitting the sheets to come thank you all once again for having joined us and to wish you all good night.
@Rose : Thank you so much my sweet friend, glad you like your banner, well deserved!! We hope to see you in future contests, you'd been gone missing too long girl
@Jenny : You are so welcome and yes, we did get you "hooked" on SS huh? lol It's ok though, we don't mind taking the wrap for that haha! We're happy you enjoy taking part even if you can't join us as often as you'd like. We always like having you with us! Take care and thank you all for the kind words on the banners, they go straight to my heart
Rest well ladies , see you all very soon hopefully!! Good night!!
Denise & Johnny xoxo

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Good Evening Everyone!

I am so surprised and honored to have placed in this awesome group of talent!
Thank you Denise and Johnny... made my night so much sweeter! I love the beautiful banners Denise and so pleased that I received one....Thank you both!
Congrats to all the girls and especially Miss July! Well done Jenny! So deserving my friend...

Thank you for having me J&D.... An awesome talented group.....

Hugs to all!

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Congrats to all the winners!




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Woohooo!! Well Done to each of our lovely banner winning Ladies this month especially Jenny for Miss July!

The personalised banners look fabulous Denise, thank you for designing them for and sharing your flair for creativity with us.!
Thank you so much for my pretty banner, I shall display it proudly on my profile page!

Thank you for all the listens and comments on my song, I appreciate it ladies and loved hearing all your songs too! Such a great much of songs and styles chosen in this edition!

Enjoy the rest of your week all!

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Well done to the winners and thanks for a wonderful contest enjoyed this very much xxxx

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She believed she could, so she did... And she is so thankful she did!!!

Good morning Denise, Johnny and everyone.

Thank you so much for hosting another incredible contest. Everyone did such a great job.

Thank you for my placement and gorgeous banner. It always humbles me when I place because there is so much incredible talent in your contest.

Congratulations to everyone especially our July Calendar girl Jenny. You did such an incredible job.

Have a beautiful day
Until next time

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Follow your dreams they know the way... <3

Thank you so much for my placement and banner. It's gorgeous Ms D... You always do amazing work on them... Thank you and Johnny for another wonderful contest...I always wait with great anticipation for your contests to show up cause they are the best... Congratulations to the other lathes especially Jenny Miss July.. . Hope everyone has a great weekend... I'm sitting here waiting on #100 CG@H Ms D lol


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Good morning, thank you for the contest Denise and Johnny. Congrats ladies.

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Another fun contest! Thanks so much for the placement! Talented group for sure! Congratulations Jenny!! Beautiful sing!!

Congratulations to everyone! Thanks Denise and Johnny!

The banners are beautiful! I love how you personalize them too..and with the song because I always forget what I did when.


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i absolutely love the banner an congrads to all the sslady they so deserve it an till next time b safe n cool n miss d u r the BOMB of all awesomeness thxs b safe

halfpint31743LEVEL 64

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3 of my fav colors red white n blue n stars burstin in air

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CONGRATULATIONS TO Miss July and the Placement Winners!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

Thanks for a fun contest, and the design of the Banners are gorgeous, Denise!

THANKS so much for the Participation Banner!! (I love placing them on my Forum Page )