Happy Anniversary Novella!!!

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All the best wishes from the bottom of my , Thanks for your wonderful job , every day and help to everyone of singsnapers!!! hugs and blessings


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Happy Snapiversary Shan. 12 years of SingSnap and still one of the most awesome people I have ever met. Hugs

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J&D's Country girls @ heart#98 in auditions NOW! Click here ladies!

Happy 12th anniversary Beauty!! You give Singsnap that "Warm homey feeling" this site would not be the same without YOU. We love you lots. Keep up the good work. Trevor sure knew what he was doing when he added you to his staff. You keep shining bright like the diamond that you are girl!!!
Much love and here's to 12 more years eh?
Denise & Melody


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Happy Anniversery! WEWHEEEEEEEEEEEWWWW!! I remember when I got out of jail, 11 years and 360 days after you! Is there a file in that cake? Now I spend my days... Oh wait. Wrong party. Oh well! LOL! Only 3 people here, and we wont be talkin! Mens the word! Or mams, no thats not it. Whats that word? Is that my probation officer? RUNNNNNNNN!

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happy anniversary Novella! Chez n Paul

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Happy Anniversary Novella!!!!!

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Happy thursday you beautiful singers! TYFTL <3 A


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Happy anniversary yesterday maam!! I missed it lol

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Happy Anniversary.

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To Novella ,,,,,,,,

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If anyone is interested in being a site volunteer (Chat Room) Let me know! <3

Omgawsh!!! This was the sweetest thing ever !!!

Thank you all, so much!!!

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Happy Anniversary Sweet Shannon ...

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My DODGERS take on the PIRATES Friday Night. GO DODGERS


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Belated congrats on twelve years at the Snap! Unable to track new Recording as of 16 October 2018 due to that new LINKSYS®/Belden® EA7500 - ports to forward and I hadn't opportunity to execute 'em. :-S


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Happy Snappaversiary to you my sweet friend.....you have brightened the halls,of singsnap...and I am forever grateful,to you....for your friendship,...and your kindness,.....I thank you,from the bottom of my heart

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Happy Snapversary Shannon !!!

May we all be here another decade !!!

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Happy Snappy Anniversary Shannon...


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Happy Anniversary Novella!

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Happy anniversary!!! You have been a bright light in this world! Keep on shining!

Enjoy your day..

Sunshine01songs (Nancy)

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Happy Snapanniversary Shannon....You are a inspiration to us all sweetheart....how you manage to put so much energy and time in to help make this place run smoothly also to make it such a fun and wonderful community! We love you