It's Time To Get Lucky!

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Well Hey!

You Can Get Lucky On SingSnap!

February was a month full or love and we had a blast but now we're ready for some luck! March is all about gettin' lucky on SingSnap! Do you dare to chase the rainbow? This is your chance to decorate your name in one of the most colorful Usernames we have!

At the end of a rainbow is a Pot of Gold but that's not all we've got! You can also pass along luck in the shape of a Four Leaf Clover! This is your chance to show your friends their worth their weight in Gold and help them Get Lucky! There is a badge available for everyone who purchases a product in this Get Lucky promo!

How To Buy Lucky Clovers, Pots of Gold and Colorful Usernames!

1. Click on the "Purchase" tab and the "Current Promotions subtab.

2. Select the product that you wish to purchase.

3. Select the Value Package that best suits your needs.

3. Now you're ready to Buy! You can pay by either Paypal or Credit Card.

4. Complete the transaction and proceed to the Distribution Center.

5. Select the product you wish to distribute.

6. You can now either select names from the list (hold down the CTRL button to select multiple people at once) OR type in the exact username of the intended recipient. Click Next.

7. Select the number of items you wish to give to your friend. Click Next!

7. Should you wish, you may send along a personalized message with your trinket! If you do not want to send a personalized message, simply leave the box blank. Once you're done, press the "Distribute" button and your trinkets will be delivered!

The first Lucky Clover or Pot of Gold a member receives will give them the icon next to their name. Every trinket after that will be displayed as a numeric value next to the icon.

7. If you purchased a colored nick, please allow up to 10 minutes for activation!

Good Luck!

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forum/topic/b5180bb8 Thks everyone for the gifts , hugs!!

Awesome !!!

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Livin & lovin life, keep on smilin :) <3 Love & Light <3 Blessed Be!!!

Ohhhh me must get lucky and get a purrrrdy rainbow I it!!!!

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Love the name colours!

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J&D's CG@H#89 Rnd#2 is right here ladies! <3

Well hey!! You know I love me a RAINBOW!!
This is gonna be a LUCKY month Snappers!! Have fun!!


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Might have to bring rainbow contest out now!!

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"Ahhhhhhhhh......Top o The Mornin' To Ya Lad's & Lasses!!! Yes, Lets Get All The Pots o Gold, and The Lucky Shamrocks!!! And Also Get The Beautiful Username Plates Too!!"
Have a Great Day!! -Leprechaun Rick-

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Happy Saint Patrick's

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(..somebody say 'lucky'..???)

..well, i'm gon' sure try!!?


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Be happy!



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such a wonderful idea

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LOve this

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wow... amazing... it will be a lucky month

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Awesome March is such a fun challenge month the glasses are cool Novella wow! but no Friday challenge, that's ok, maybe try the chat, not sure have fun!

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Pray your Having a Blessed Day/Night ....

Hey... Hey .... Hey.... a wee bit of luck ... never hurt anyone...

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Monday > arrrrrrrrrrgh

If I was Lucky, I wouldn't have to buy anything ..


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If it wasn't for BAD LUCK I would have NO LUCK so plz send me lots

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weeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I get lucky every time I listen


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I love St Patrick's Day...Me Irish eyes r smilin'


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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad 63 years! Homeward bound!! First Seattle then to Ronald! Go Seahawks

A friend of mine was born on St Patrick's Day!!!! She is a lucky person!! ~Annie~

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I have the Luck of the Irish......this will be fun!!!

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Free Blue Hearts in March too. How nice!
Thank you Whomever!

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Or perhaps some people have one left over.

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Well, actually I got a notification that I got a blue heart, but it appears a lucky clover has sprouted beside my name instead. Tis the season when hearts turn to lucky four-leaf clovers I guess. But if so, perhaps the notification should transform as well.

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If I was lucky, I'd be lucky! LOL

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Spread a little luck around

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Well Hey!

It's Time To Spread The Cheer - One Cup At A Time!

Starting on March 16th, every person on SingSnap will have one, very special, Cup of Cheer that they can give away to a member of their choice. Let someone know they bring a smile to your face and are worth celebrating!

This Cup O' Cheer is absolutely free! We're just giving you a chance to help brighten someone's day and make them feel truly lucky!

To distribute your 'Cup Of Cheer';

1. Click on the Purchase Tab
2. Click on the Distribute sublink
3. Select the Green Cup of Cheer icon and follow the prompts!

Remember, you only get one Cup of Cheer and these cannot be purchased! The cheer will be displayed next to the recipients name until March 20, 2017. Every person who distributes a Cup of Cheer will also received a cheerful Achievement Badge!

Good Luck!


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Thank you for the Mug
Needed that...

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Love this