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I don't think it is just me because there hasn't been any new recordings in almost 3 hours... I cannot save a recording. I don't see anyone saying anything about it so maybe it is just me? When I try to save it just says sending recording but doesn't send anything. I also noticed the record level volume indicator doesn't work anymore... did you recently change the player?


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I do see other threads on this subject now in different categories.. I just ran through this one because it seemed like the place to report the problem. Sorry for the duplicate post.

melLEVEL 19

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we got the same problem und wir wundern uns auch dass keiner was schreibt!!!
won't preview, won't save!!

LisonLEVEL 60

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Hi their are probably fixing a problem it is still BETA and they want to improved the site,, I do have the same problems like everybody else I think,, It is should be back soon,, take care,xxx


Reply by CougGOLD

yup,,there having Technical Difficulties,,,:),,,,Dave

MarilynDavidLEVEL 3

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Same problem....


Reply by Quartastrophy

can't believe it! we sit here and got the big session planned ... staring at the computer ... crying ....

JasonLEVEL 48

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I just got one to record.. give'r a try folks.

xKrazyxLEVEL 4

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awww bummer - but thank god its not just me (no offence guys).
hopefully it'll be fixed soon : )

melLEVEL 19

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thanks a bunch for making it possible to have a real BLAST this evening!!! SingSnap support is the best! (check out our funny videos LOL)

melLEVEL 19

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UMMM in the Quartastrophy account! sorry!

ShaunLEVEL 47

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I cant record songs either, click stop and it just says sending recording and never does anything whats wrong???

TheWitchDoctressLEVEL 24

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Try clearing out your temp files and cookies before recording - it may help. I was able to record earlier this afternoon with no problems.


laurasinginitLEVEL 2

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i have the same problem!! i can recored some then doesnt preview it mmm wonder wots wrong with it???