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ConnieGLEVEL 96

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Yay I can scroll :)

Is it my connection or is anyone else having probs listening songs... 10.36 am
I keep trying to reload no joy :O(

JensterLEVEL 2

Reply by Jenster

I'm also having problems, listening to my recordings before saving it. I can hear my voice but can't hear the music

NovellaLEVEL 111

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I will join the club... can't listen to songs either... some major problems on this site in the past cpl days.. Oy Vey

lilmissjamesLEVEL 2

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how do I know that a song is actually has said that for 20 min now..i usually have no issues with, but this song is not doin it for me and I have tried like 3 times now...and can I also do an audio duet with someone who has a video?


Reply by MsWoodSDGOLD

I'm right there with ya cjames! I just lost one and it's so disappointing:( Wouldn't take pictures for a while either... and yes you can record an audio duet with someone who has a video... the picture will be from your recording...