Can someone help me out??

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Jay-NelleLEVEL 9

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Oh my gosh I missed this site so very much! I have finally had the chance to come back to the site to hopefully get back to singing beautifully once again.

With that being said I would like to be able to spread my love and passion for singing that has been kept inside of me for the last few years due to illness, since I have last been able to come on and sing last.

A ton has changed for me since I was last here but I hoping to get sponsored so I can sing my little heart out, because even with the nice price discount, I am unable to afford a yearly membership and singing is the one thing that keeps me happy when times are tough, so I am asking that someone out in the Singsnap world might consider helping me out to bring my joy back into my life so I can let others hear my gift I would love to share with the world!

I would be forever grateful, thank you for you time.