Songwriting collaboration request

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I have a song that I need to write ; I have the lyrics but need the music! The SingSnap Band grunge ballad is the kind of thing I’m looking for (please don’t comment by telling me I can’t use that; I already know that) if anyone is interested or knows anyone who is please let me know! Thanks!

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Just go to Feature page on top and when the new windows drops you will see ,,,,,,,,,SingSnap Band and different music to suit your song ,,,example
country, pop, rock and much more hope it helps,,,,,,,,

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Thank you. I appreciate you taking Tim to respond! I do know about those but I want to write a song that is not restricted to SingSnap!

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Your most Welcome,,,,,,,,,My best advise to you to click on the top bar ,,,,,where it says ,,,,,,,,,HELP,,,,,,,THEN GET IN TOUCH WITH ,,,,,,,,,,SingSnapSupport ,,,,,ask all you need
they are good to get back to you,,,,,,,,,,,,,Shirley


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I did something approximating what you are looking to do. I found a backing track on YouTube that I liked and wrote a song to fit. After getting it to where I wanted, I bought non-exclusive, unlimited rights to the backing track (less than $100 US). Here's the song, if you're interested:


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I’d be willing to help. Please listen to my original songs and read description.