Can't Sit Down Singing

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Well, this took me awhile, finally figured out since i've been singing in karaoke world 10+ yrs, i can't sit in one spot & sing, i'm used to wandering around in a restaurant, mainly sports bars, i don't go to pool halls, i'm afraid of those, afraid a pool ball would fly in my face, lol, plus they are well a bit more rowdy. Does anyone else have this problem? Since i can't get my camera to work yet, i've come back here after a long absence from a motorcycle wreck 10 yrs ago, so trying to get the hang of it. Is there something about wandering around that can improve my voice, or is it my magical DJ with his magical sound equipment or both? I just love singing to a crowd, i can see their interaction right away if they like a song, i have no fear of ppl at all, but here is another story, this thing is scaring me to death, cause the reverb is not quite right, the mixing is not quite right, oh my i got off subject. But anyway, does anyone else walk around or stand behind their computer when they sing, is there something that contstricts my stomach when i sit down, ok, a few lbs fat, besides that, or is it that i'm more comfortable moving around. Opinions please, take your pic, i think i went out there as far as subjects.


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LOL your pretty funny. The thing is, you say your not afraid of people but pool balls are frightening to you. Go into a room with no people that has tables full of pool balls. You will find they are harmless, Jus sayin LOL


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My friends, favs, and fans are the best ! Luv y'all

I'm not sure about wandering around, but I sing better standing up. My air flows better allowing for improved vocal control and range. Still I sing sitting down, because that is the way my mic system is set up.

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I usually sing standing up because I find I can be more dynamic...sometimes if I am singing a soft song I will sit...whatever works for each person I suppose....I think in general standing allows you to have more breath due to larger lung capacity....

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Sit on the edge of a chair and lift your chest .. That helps.

Also if you have spinal issues it's easier to song standing

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Thx for tech advice Chastity, ShockaKahn. It's the flying pool balls & pool sticks in cramped quarters that have come a bit too close to me ImaChristian. I try to stick, pardon pun, with sports bars & restaurants now.

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You're welcome.