Balloon Pop Challenge!

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NovellaLEVEL 111

Post by NovellaSTAFF +21

If you love SingSnap - Clap your hands! <3

Let's Have Some Fun!

It is time to escape the craziness and have fun with some silliness! We are hosting the Balloon Pop challenge this Friday! Consider it like a game at a Fair - let's see how lucky you are!

This is an early-bird sign-up challenge! What that means is; if you're interested in playing - you sign the thread below and pick a Balloon! Then you come back on Thursday night after 4 PM EST to find out what your challenge is! When the clock strikes midnight on Friday April 10th, we will begin accepting your challenge entries! If you miss the early sign-up, no worries! We will have what we call a 'late-comers' challenge, just for you!

Balloon Pop Challenge!

All you have to do right now is select a colored balloon from the list below! Post your choice in the thread. I will POP the balloons and reveal the challenges on Thursday night at 4 PM EST! All you have to do is coming back after that time to find out what your Balloon Pop challenge is!


I choose the green balloon!

Ohhh - Prizes!

Every person who participates in this challenge not only gets a banner and achievement points - but you also get TWO Karaoke Stars! That is equivalent to two entries for our Ultimate Karaoke Star Grand Prize Draw that we're having in May!

Balloon Pop Rules and Guidelines!

1. The Challenge is open from 12:00 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST April 10, 2020! The finished song must be dated April 10.
1B. Early sign-up ends at 4 PM EST April 9, 2020.
2. No Duets. You may harmonize with yourself.
3. Gender Benders are acceptable
4. You MUST have FUN! Fun, Fun, Fun!
5. Post your challenge link back in this thread.
6. Web cams are encouraged but not required.
7. Challenge is open to all members.
8. One Song per Snapper.
9. Promotion of non-challenge songs is strictly prohibited.
10. Post your link only once, if you think you've been missed contact the SingSnap Events Team.
11. Did I mention you must have FUN?
12. The song must be submitted in the following format.

Song Title
Song Link

Happy Singing!

*Disclaimer: SingSnap will not answer anyone's inquiries as to whether or not they have or have not been featured. Being featured is a privilege, not a right or expectation. You will likely not be featured each and every challenge, and our team does not have the resources to be answering these inquiries while trying to keep everything moving along. Thank-You for your understanding!

erynnmichelleLEVEL 70

Reply by erynnmichelleGOLD +1

I'll play!

I pick blue

MatkamLEVEL 105

Reply by MatkamGOLD +7

I choose PURPLE


Reply by MusicalheartGOLD +5

Make mine Yellow, thank you. . .

PeggyMoonHicksLEVEL 101

Reply by PeggyMoonHicksGOLD +2

I'm in, & I pick green!!!

bones9607LEVEL 67

Reply by bones9607PATRON

Make mine GREEN please!

mystikopalLEVEL 90

Reply by mystikopalPATRON +3

Id like to pick the red balloon

DevilessLEVEL 104

Reply by DevilessCHAT-ADMIN +10

cool, i choose purple

missdonnaLEVEL 52

Reply by missdonnaGOLD +1

I'm in..please make mine red!!!

FinnPeterLEVEL 106

Reply by FinnPeterGOLD +4

Green for me please!

country-boy_67LEVEL 61

Reply by country-boy_67GOLD

Hello Novella
I choose the red Balloon

BonnieK4506LEVEL 95

Reply by BonnieK4506GOLD +8

Really busy! Keep singing! !!

I choose yellow!

CorkyGirlLEVEL 95

Reply by CorkyGirlGOLD +20

I Pick the Green Balloon

Lavender79LEVEL 100

Reply by Lavender79GOLD +4

I pick Yellow

Deelightful99LEVEL 66

Reply by Deelightful99GOLD

Purple please!

VitaminDeeLEVEL 101

Reply by VitaminDeePATRON +7

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

This looks soo fun

Trying to figure out which one those balloons might mean I get to sing a duet with somebody lol

lorrdarlinLEVEL 81

Reply by lorrdarlinPATRON +2

I Pick Green,please!

donnica59LEVEL 99

Reply by donnica59GOLD +5

Sounds like fun (I know we all could use it)
I choose the green balloon!

marywulsLEVEL 104

Reply by marywulsGOLD +3

Yellow please

Carol-ALEVEL 107

Reply by Carol-APATRON +11

Praying 4U always Ken.....xoxo.

i choose RED

Sparrow6LEVEL 95

Reply by Sparrow6GOLD +3

Play piano, pro photographer, singing


Starrlina_LionheartLEVEL 65

Edited reply by Starrlina_LionheartGOLD

I choose the BLUE!Balloon

MathewI446LEVEL 46

Edited reply by MathewI446

I choose Blue.

Angelgirl758LEVEL 111

Reply by Angelgirl758GOLD +20

I pick the BLUE balloon!

wayne1956LEVEL 93

Reply by wayne1956GOLD +1


1StringLEVEL 70

Reply by 1StringGOLD


jc4uLEVEL 103

Reply by jc4uPATRON +1

"Keep Praying" "The Morning After" r/cd9d256a7 Blessings, Prayers!

I'm in; purple please!

EyeoftheEagleLEVEL 102

Reply by EyeoftheEaglePATRON +8

I pick Red

Forever-BreezyLEVEL 58

Reply by Forever-BreezyGOLD

I pick red please

dawnlouiseLEVEL 71

Reply by dawnlouiseGOLD +5

Lost my voice ... Thanks for the Sunshines :-D ... Love ya's Keep Safe <3

A Purple Balloon Please xxx

rockafrybabyLEVEL 96

Reply by rockafrybabyGOLD


lil_miss_tasty7LEVEL 41

Reply by lil_miss_tasty7CHAT-ADMIN +1

I would like the green balloon please xx

HelenR5337LEVEL 94

Reply by HelenR5337GOLD

I pick Blue please


Edited reply by Sapphire017GOLD +2

Purple balloon please

FLwingnutLEVEL 92

Reply by FLwingnutGOLD +7

HUMM IT is either Blue or Red, Decisions, decisions !!!!


CazManiaLEVEL 99

Reply by CazManiaGOLD +8

I pick GREEN please!

blue-nightingaleLEVEL 103

Reply by blue-nightingaleGOLD +2

Summertime and the living is easy <3

Purple balloon please, many thanks

silkysoulLEVEL 53

Reply by silkysoulGOLD

I'll play along on Friday. I like the yellow balloon.

2heartsAMDGLEVEL 66

Reply by 2heartsAMDGGOLD

I go for my favorite color BLUE...

jmjiloveyouLEVEL 70

Reply by jmjiloveyouGOLD

I pick BLUE

Sunny_KLEVEL 102

Edited reply by Sunny_KSPECIAL-EVENTS +1

I choose the PURPLE balloon!

shortandsweetLEVEL 71

Reply by shortandsweetGOLD +2

Hello vacation! :) and time with my love! :)))

I pick my favorite color... Blue

StarB37LEVEL 60

Edited reply by StarB37PATRON

Something's brewing, and will be ready soon... Mwahahaha!!

Purple of course, my fave color!

Renee_singsLEVEL 73

Reply by Renee_singsGOLD

I choose the pretty purple balloon!

Jami19LEVEL 100

Reply by Jami19GOLD +1

I choose red!

GentleRaiinLEVEL 106

Edited reply by GentleRaiinGOLD +3

Thank u all for ur prayers..listening but may not text ...4 more wks of cast. :(


GentleRaiinLEVEL 106

Reply by GentleRaiinGOLD +3

Thank u all for ur prayers..listening but may not text ...4 more wks of cast. :(


muffieLEVEL 84

Reply by muffieGOLD

I pick blue

Starmusic3079LEVEL 102

Reply by Starmusic3079GOLD +4

I pick Purple

TartarSauceLEVEL 53

Reply by TartarSaucePATRON

I choose Green

RNorman1929LEVEL 78

Reply by RNorman1929PATRON

I'll try. Yellow, please.

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