Romance - Music For Your Heart

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NovellaLEVEL 111

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It's Soon Time For SHOCKTOBER!

Music For Your Heart!

August is Romance Awareness Month and we are celebrating by singing songs from our heart! Love is the one thing that keeps this world spinning so we want you to sing what you consider the be the ultimate song for romance!

Romance Challenge Details:

This is a two part challenge, so please complete both parts. If you successfully complete the challenge you will be added to our Romance Playlist and you'll receive a banner on your song that you may use on your profile page!

Challenge - Part A: Sing any romantic song available to you on the website! If there is a specific song you would like, you can submit your request here! The finished song must be dated August 7, 2020!

Challenge - Part B: In your song comment, we want you to list the top five personality traits that you look for in a partner that help create the ultimate romantic relationship! Do you cherish honesty? Intelligence? Humour? Determination? What really makes your heart beat fast?

Rules And Guidelines:

1. The Challenge is open from 12:00 AM EST until 11:59 PM EST Friday August 7, 2020! (Your song MUST be dated August 7 to be eligible)
2. No duets. You may harmonize with yourself.
3. Gender Benders are acceptable
4. You MUST have FUN! Fun, Fun, Fun!
5. Post your challenge link back in this thread.
6. Web cams are encouraged but not required.
7. Challenge is open to all members.
8. One song per Snapper.
9. Promotion of non-challenge songs is strictly prohibited.
10. Post your link only once. If you think we missed it, send a private message to the Events Team!
11. The song must be submitted in the following format.

Song Title
Song Link

Happy Singing & Have Fun!

*Disclaimer: SingSnap will not answer anyone's inquiries as to whether or not they have or have not been featured. Being featured is a privilege, not a right or expectation. You will likely not be featured each and every challenge, and our team does not have the resources to be answering these inquiries while trying to keep everything moving along. Thank-You for your understanding!

Angelgirl758LEVEL 111

Reply by Angelgirl758GOLD +14

Carol-ALEVEL 107

Reply by Carol-APATRON +10

Honesty , honesty, honesty, honesty, honesty.

RNorman1929LEVEL 82

Reply by RNorman1929GOLD +2

You bet, I'm in.

Uncle-PauleyLEVEL 108

Reply by Uncle-PauleyCHAT-ADMIN +6


CajunQueenBeeLEVEL 99

Reply by CajunQueenBeeGOLD +3


jc4uLEVEL 104

Reply by jc4uPATRON +1

"Blue Suede Shoes" r/b15f81941 Blessings!


rbonecrusherLEVEL 85

Reply by rbonecrusherGOLD

I will be there, love is in the air.

rbonecrusherLEVEL 85

Reply by rbonecrusherGOLD


That's what happened to me the first time I seen the girl who became my wife.

Cinnamon1965LEVEL 107

Reply by Cinnamon1965SPECIAL-EVENTS +6

Love, Love, Love this challenge.. Can;t wait for Friday!

PeggyMoonHicksLEVEL 101

Reply by PeggyMoonHicksGOLD

I’m all in!!!

Annie_MusicLEVEL 104

Reply by Annie_MusicGOLD +1

Stand Tall <3 r/b16a16df9 SS <3


Reply by BlueT_UKGOLD

can't wait

SivleSeltaLEVEL 78

Reply by SivleSeltaGOLD

There are soooo many romantic songs, how will i choose?

Sunny_KLEVEL 102

Reply by Sunny_KSPECIAL-EVENTS +5


trojan55LEVEL 111

Reply by trojan55GOLD +8

SingingRainbowLEVEL 108

Reply by SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS +9

CG@H#112>>>RND#2<<< is under way!!

Yay!! I will finally be back helping out my team on Friday!! Who doesn,'t love a little romance.. See you on Friday friends!! I've missed you all

-Bev-LEVEL 107

Reply by -Bev-SPECIAL-EVENTS +5

Ohhhhh I am going to love this challenge and I definitely will be here and will love listening to all your romantic songs of love

__Angels__LEVEL 111

Reply by __Angels__GOLD +3

i will growl again

marywulsLEVEL 105

Reply by marywulsGOLD +1


Bucks_FizzLEVEL 110

Reply by Bucks_FizzGOLD +1

Stacey57LEVEL 89

Reply by Stacey57GOLD

Somewhere in time

Great idea!

dawnlouiseLEVEL 77

Reply by dawnlouiseGOLD +2

Sounds Awesome

conan72LEVEL 61

Reply by conan72GOLD

Sounds like fun!

wranglerLEVEL 92

Reply by wranglerGOLD +6

love the old mushy love songs. flagging

MaryW2832LEVEL 105

Reply by MaryW2832GOLD +2

I'm feeling the heat!

cannotsing24LEVEL 108

Reply by cannotsing24GOLD +3

Thank you for listening mssfs thanks for the colored name and teddybears


patsvalentineLEVEL 71

Reply by patsvalentinePATRON

Yeah sounds good count me in.


Reply by MikeIIIGOLD +2

R.I.P., Dansolman, SDingus 'n COVID-19 victims*Pray 4 West Coast fire victims*2,906 songs uploaded.


babyblueeyessmilinLEVEL 95

Reply by babyblueeyessmilinGOLD +5

Admitted to hospital

I will be here

MatkamLEVEL 106

Reply by MatkamGOLD +3

YOU can only understand people if you feel them in yourself <3

MathewI446LEVEL 56

Reply by MathewI446GOLD

Right up my alley. I will be there.

dsider63LEVEL 106

Reply by dsider63PATRON +2


NazzoLEVEL 103

Edited reply by NazzoGOLD

Oh no! Notta Feenran! South Park is a very clever Show that flies over most people's heads


Reply by DONAL2228GOLD +4



CfoulkesLEVEL 38

Edited reply by CfoulkesGOLD

I'm in. I will also get my Mum to participate as well.

Can I just say sorry for the inconvenience me and my mum can't do this one I'm sorry for the delay.

But I hope you all have fun singing romantic songs

Gracie_McKenzieLEVEL 55

Reply by Gracie_McKenzieGOLD

i'm in

NCB-karaokeLEVEL 83

Reply by NCB-karaokeGOLD

On a Doctor imposed break as my lungs have issues, hope to be singing again soon, missing my singin

Hmmm... now I gotta think about this as I've never really thought about it.
I'll be here though

amor14344LEVEL 102

Reply by amor14344GOLD +3

Count me in please

Brownsugarbabe16LEVEL 17

Reply by Brownsugarbabe16GOLD


chelle1710LEVEL 51

Reply by chelle1710GOLD

Count me in!

lorrdarlinLEVEL 81

Reply by lorrdarlinPATRON +1

I know I'd enjoy this topic! Thank you

DonEl46LEVEL 55

Reply by DonEl46PATRON

ragtime108LEVEL 99

Reply by ragtime108GOLD

Romance is mainly for the birds ...

Romance also rhymes with slow dance - which is especially cool on ice ...

NovellaLEVEL 111

Reply by NovellaSTAFF +26

It's Soon Time For SHOCKTOBER!

I Love!

lil_miss_tasty7LEVEL 59

Reply by lil_miss_tasty7CHAT-ADMIN +4

ZenaidaLEVEL 95

Reply by ZenaidaGOLD

Flagging I'll be there


Reply by daddybearGOLD

I Love!Novella

I you too...

Lisamarie116LEVEL 20

Reply by Lisamarie116GOLD

I'm new on this site. I recorded my song. Do you want them all turned in tomorrow or BY tomorrow? And how do I submit it?

Karens_MusicLEVEL 101

Reply by Karens_MusicPATRON +14

Sing whatever you like and have fun doing it !!!

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