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Hi who does this for fun--no previous singing lessons ??

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The answer is likely the vast majority of SingSnappers do this for fun, with no previous singing lessons.
I do this for fun, and because it is healthy and good for you to sing. It boosts the immune system, boosts all the "feel-good" hormones and elevates your mood. I have read that opening up your lungs to singing regularly also is good for your skin (complexion) and other things that I have already forgotten.
This community, by and large, has very encouraging people who just like to do this, either to meet others who share the hobby, and also couples and families who do this together.
It is pretty cool how diverse this SS community actually is!
Oh, and there are some professional singers and some who are professionally trained, as well. Again, adds to the diversity

Namaste2018LEVEL 35

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instead of meditation

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Singing is a part of meditation am in Yoga 26 years tell me about it ,,,,,,,,,,besides you don't have to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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The only reason I'm fat is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality.

Well I love to sing and so I find this community a great place to do that...Welcome to Singsnap Namaste...hope you have just as much as fun as the rest of us here!!!