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Never enough, no, not even close.

Our Heart is Full of Thanks!

Now that we are done rockin' and shockin', we're ready to be thankful! We're bringing back one of our favorite member inspired promos that encourages you to count your blessings and share your heart... full of thanks!

Available for purchase are these warm fall inspired Orange Hearts! These are not the run of the mill hearts though because the more you collect, the more colorful they become! If you reach the top Tier, your heart will morph into a Turkey! Gobble Gobble! This promotion will last for the month of November! So the sooner your purchase your goodies the longer you and your friends will have to enjoy them.

If you receive:
1-5 Hearts: You will receive an Orange Heart
6-10 Hearts: You will receive a Brown Heart
11-15 Hearts: You will receive a Yellow Heart
16-20 Hearts: You will receive a Red Heart
21+ Hearts: You will receive a Turkey

How about pairing your spiffy new heart with a username to match? This vibrant and vivacious Red, Brown and Yellow Username is also available for purchase!

Do you like badges? If so, every person who purchases a product in the ‘Heart Full Of Thanks” promo will receive a badge!

Please Note: You can only Purchase the Orange Hearts. The Heart Icon next to your name will automatically change color once enough Orange Stars are earned to bump into the next thankful category!

How To Purchase Hearts and Colored Usernames:

1. Click on the Purchase Tab or scroll to the bottom of any page on SingSnap and click on the small heart icon.

2. You are now on the Purchase Page. Click on the 'Current Promotions' button. Select the product that you wish to purchase.

3. Select the Value Package that best suits your needs.

3. Now you're ready to Buy! You can pay by either Paypal or Credit Card.

4. Complete the transaction and proceed to the Distribution Center.

5. Select the product you wish to distribute.

6. You can now either select names from the list (hold down the CTRL button to select multiple people at once) OR type in the exact username of the intended recipient. Click Next.

7. Select the number of items you wish to give to your friend. Click Next!

7. Should you wish, you may now send along a personalized message with your trinket! If you do not want to send a personalized message, simply leave the box blank. Once you're done, press the "Distribute" button and your trinkets will be delivered!

The first Heart a member receives will give them the icon next to their name. Every trinket after that will be displayed as a numeric value next to the icon.

7. If you purchased a colored Username, please allow up to 10 minutes for activation!

Happy Singing!

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I know CPR, but, sorry Turkey > you're dinner ..

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Pray for our Troops, Police, Detectives, Fireman, America, Jerusalem, Israel!! Our Leaders!!

Sounds Sweet!!


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It's always been my favorite

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R.I.P. James McCue


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Novella, Thank YOU!!
You are always amazing, and you make this site feel like home!
Happy Novellamber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Singing <3

Thank you

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Thank you for all just being such wonderful friends

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Thank you all..so much!
Love the friendships and support. Always feel the love!!!

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Daryl and full of Grace loves Jesus r/b79d7b51d

Wohoooooooooooo Full of hearts God bless you Trevor Tony and Shannon I am truly honored to be part of this great Group I bow my head friends thank you Daryl

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Happy November to all of sing snap! Giving Thanks !

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Phewww!!! Novella looks "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" as a redhead.. WOW!!

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I LOVE Trinkets!

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Awesome God ..... watchandlisten/play/bda813e41

i Truly Singsnap and all you ~W~O~N~D~E~R~F~U~L~ People...

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love the trinkets Thanks to my gifters!!!

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Love all the hearts.... thank you so much to my gifters!


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Thank you very much for the hearts What a very kind gesture.

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Thank You to those sending the Hearts Wish I could Thank You Personally*S*



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Thank you Mike for the heart.
Loved it lots. .
Bless Shirley xx

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Sounds fun, good luck every body.