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wellboyLEVEL 45

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trying to log on beta have put user name and password in a few times but always says its wrong any thoughts

cannotsing24LEVEL 108

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I had that problem had to shut down and restart my computer
and got in with the same SS password , wish you luck ,,,,,,

sweetsuejustyouLEVEL 85

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Many thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone

As per suggestion on the beta launch board, try logging in with a new password and see if that helps.

oldrckr47jimLEVEL 69

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Well.i don,t own a I pod or any other type of new cell phones..I have only a flipphone..I don,t have w-fi either .direct internet 8.2..tried to see what beta is about..just freezes .I don,t have the knowledge in pc,s terms to go with this new system,,since no more flash...will not be able to stay with ss.and pay more money to ss that me or anybody else can afford./if they would have a system just for regular.siute like now.they sould have a payment plan just for beta to..My feelings is I,ve been here like some others since 2007 and up..were the oldie but goodies,,that have been the suoort of us out please...the end og my memebership will not be renewed,,sorry..have a nice day..Jim...