who posted an elton john song...

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ImthehellmommaraizdLEVEL 66

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(acoustic) don't let the sun go down on me? it was in the featured songs the day they had the recording problem start back around november 15th. that song is now gone or would you repost please. thanks.

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if I can find the karaoke version I will try and repost it,I don't know the song so it might take me a few days to get it just right,that is if I can even find the karaoke version,not sure who posted it before but I am willing to try

ImthehellmommaraizdLEVEL 66

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ok thanks, it was an elton john song but included an acoustic guitar.

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I think this is the one you are looking for;


Probably didn't show as Elton John is spelled wrongly but you can find it under searching the song name.

ImthehellmommaraizdLEVEL 66

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dingdingding! winner winner chicken dinner! that's it. thanks i could not find it any where! where is that here at ss? in new? or?