Perpetual preparing recorder

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Anyone else having issues on Firefox and Chrome with the preparing recorder page perpetually preparing? I've tried on my Avast Hero browser and it works just fine.
Everything was working fine in Chrome and Firefox, Firefox being my usual browser. up until a couple of days ago when I started getting a "this page not redirecting properly" on Firefox when clicking the "Log in" option.

I've tried restarting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling Flash, disabling my plug-ins all to no avail.
I also did not change anything in my internet options nor download any new extensions/plug-ins prior to this problem. I'm stumped.
If anyone else has had this same issue and figured out how to solve it, I would appreciate your input.

Thank you

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Contact Support they Will help you


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I already did that. Made this post to see if anyone in the community is experiencing the same and or solved the issue.


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Can someone close this, whatever the problem was has resolved itself.

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Sorry to revive an old Topic, but I'm stumped in terms of opening the correct ports on a LINKSYS®/Belkin® EA7500 router needed to replace a failed NETGEAR® WNDR4500. The perpetual "Preparing recorder..." on any Page /Karaoke/SingAndRecord/Record?https=1&song_ID=??????? and endless Upload Speed Test on /Karaoke/SingAndRecord/Wizard?https=1 didn't occur on the WNDR4500, but they do on the EA7500. I suspect that the Media Prioritization settings are involved (Media Prioritization is off as of 11 February 2019). How do I work this solution, next time I log into