Music Therapy!

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Ah' I know what side of the head to slap myself on!.....chuckle......great article,very true!...….Campbell

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I always knew singing made me happy... now the rest of the world is catching on

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music is my stress relief where would we be without music
nice article!!

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I'm SORRY >>--> r/b69b95fc3

Yes I agree. I started singing cause I was unable to speak. But, even though I couldn't speak I could play a song and sing along. So is why I still love to sing along more than do solo's cause singing along is what makes me happy. I'm truly frightened of my own voice. I remember the first time I heard my voice on a recording I did before I joined SS I recorded me singing Wonderful Tonight with my video camera and just hearing my voice through the headphones made me cry. I'm still afraid to speak but singing here has helped me a lot.

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Very interesting

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*RIP KellyAnne4Peace*#Gilroy#ElPaso#Odessa#DaytonStrong #DorianSafe*2,112 songs uploaded

Cool stuff ~ let's sing!

More Immunoglobulin A, please.

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I don't know where it originated, but I have often heard the quote "Medicine heals the body, music heals the soul".

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Very true... Cheers me up..

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It is official...........I am an elder............I got my AARP card in the mail!!! LOL :) <3

SS is my so-to de-stressing tactic after a day at school with the kiddos.

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Singing improves your health, lower heart rates, decreased blood pressure and reduced stress.

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Music always makes me feel better!



Great article, thank you for sharing. Working in mental and behavioral health made me realize the benefits of this therapy. It works! Of all the therapies, this is the most favored.
At first, singsnap was for me to express my love for singing, now it is therapy after encountering a sad day at work or being totally burnt out from mental stress. I also sing with my patients and they love it. Love the feel after belting one of my favorite songs.

If music be the food of love, play on. The first line of the play Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare. The speaker is asking for music because he is frustrated in courtship...


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I’ve always enjoyed listening to music...and now love to sing as well. Apparently singing burns up the calories.

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Have fun on the new SS Android App!

I think many people know that music is a healer; physically and mentally music can make us feel better, and since karaoke started it's helped so many people! Maybe some may not even know it helps them, but they just keep on singing cause they love it! I sure do!



music soothes my body mind and spirit

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Great article. Music is amazing.

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Being able to express my feelings in song did not come easily. When I finally got there, it has healed me and connected me with other people's emotions and their music. That's called JOY.

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You know how sometimes things that occurred can validate your thoughts or actions? Well I've been struggling with depression lately because my ankle has an infection that refuses to heal. So I decided that singing is my best chance at getting past the depression so I can free up my energy to begin healing my foot! So I feel like what you wrote confirms for me that this is definitely the right action for me to take right now. BTW...You have very good insight on the subject! I LOVE YOUR TALENT FOR WRITING!

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I think music is the best therapy... that is why I keep coming back.

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Thank you for the article. I lead sing-a-longs at assisted living facilities where some residents have dementia. They remember most of the lyrics to the oldies and it just puts a smile on their face and warms my heart.

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Such a fascinating read!

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Been working to help troubleshoot the new app. Fun, but busy. Be around to your studios eventually.

Nobody can tell me that music and singing doesn't help us mentally, emotionally and physically!

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Been working to help troubleshoot the new app. Fun, but busy. Be around to your studios eventually.

Great article Sunny!

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That video is amazing. you can tell he is picking up a dance move that he had done before. Quick Quick, Slow Slow, Quick Quick.....ect. And I started typing this before I even started seeing him dancing with the (typing and watching) This article make so much sense whey I feel so much better after having a bad day, and just singing my lungs out! I have my go to "angry" songs that make me feel better.

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This is very interesting! I think music can definitely have some positive effects on people. It is very therapeutic!

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This is so True it helps me lots


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Great Article!

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Very interesting!

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Love, love, love this excellent article and all of the continuing narrative. I wrote on this very topic a few years ago in school, and have seen the studies which support it. Always found it fascinating!

For my own experiences, music has been a huge part of processing feelings, difficult situations and major life changes for me. * I completely rely on classical to help retain large quantities of technical information when studying, as well as, to lower my blood pressure in rush hour or even grid lock traffic. Classical was my go-to for calming babies and getting them into good sleep, as well as nurturing my houseplants for healthy growth. * I would put on U2's Joshua Tree when I wanted a really good physical workout, or to run and process heavy relationship feelings. * I needed country music day and night for 6 months when I lost my mother at the same time my 20-year marriage ended. * It took contemporary Christian music constant to ground me when I was going through my own mid-life issues and to bring me perspective. * Singing karaoke in every genre that I have was a lifesaver to elevate my self-esteem after having been through a very difficult abusive relationship, and to work through the healing process a few years ago.

Music truly connects us to life and even to living in community.

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All this sounds like me!

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Wonderful article

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Informative article SK.

By the time i get my flash to work i will probably forget how to sing though

But seriously this little bit of info will probably help some people now or in the future.

It is one of them things that will stick in the mind no matter what, if it is ever needed.

I instantly thought of the song Happy Talk after reading this lol .

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Nice article, K!

Singing certainly has a positive effect on me. I can have a really crappy day and not feel like going to singing rehearsal. But once I'm there, it washes it all away and I get home completely buzzing!

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Football Season started. Will listen and visit when possible.....Be blessed...........


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I am a work in progress .. healing with a Sing in my Soul is making a Healthier set of lungs
for me.. Great Interesting Read Sunny, Thank You

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Another fascinating Article...…..I never knew so much was going on inside my head when I was singing lol

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So sick!!!!

When I finish singing I'm always in a much better mood than when I started. I find I start out in a low key and then before I'm done I've got the key raised a lot higher and feeling a lot better

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Somewhere in time

Music IS my therapy. I can be having the worst day... and when I sing... it all goes away.

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Music calms us and animals! I would sing to my horses and they'd gather around me and listen with their heads down...almost falling asleep!!! I adopted a wild mustang from Beate's Butte in Oregon and tamed him using music...sang to him ! Music is truly a universal language that man and beast understand!!!!!!

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Singing helps me relax . I really in joy this app or site lots of great people here and I fo thank you

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I thank God for you all for what about the brain singsnap we should be thankful they take the time for teaching us about the music therapy it is like we are going back to school just sing your heart out you are already a star

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Some two decades before Eatsleepmusic Corporation (predecessor of Singsnap Corporation) existed, Alfred A. Tomatis D.Med. began studies of pre-Romantic music in therapy using, in addition to pre-Renaissance Catholic plainsongs, works composed by Johann-Sebastian Bach (GeMA), Franz Josef Haydn (GeMA), Antonio Salieri (SIAE), Johann Chrystostom Wolfgang Theophilos Mozart (GeMA), and Ludwig van Beethoven (GeMA). The term "Mozart effect" was first coined by Tomatis in the essay Pourquoi Mozart? (Paris, FRA: Diffusion Hachette / Èdition Lagardére, 1991).

In the mid 1990's, Frances Rauscher, Gordon Shaw, and Catherine Ky investigated Neoclassical music on spatial reasoning, using, among other works, "Sonate für zwei Klaviere D-dur, K. 448" (as composed by Mozart alias Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Wien, AUT: Ludwig von Köchel (GeMA), 1781); one particular study was quoted in 1997 in an article in the Boston (MA, USA) Globe. Don G. Campbell attempted to distill the results in The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit (New York, NY, USA: Avon Books / HarperCollins, 1997), and a follow-on, The Mozart Effect for Children: Awakening Your Child's Mind, Health, and Creativity with Music (Mew York, NY, USA: William Morrow / HarperCollins, 2000). Today, the American Music Therapy Association has taken up at the endpoints of the above studies to raise public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality services.

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I love this post ! I spent December and January in the hospital with heart issues... had stents placed, etc.. Then I was diagnosed with COPD and lung scarring.. breathing is very hard for me at times. I can no longer do a lot of things I done just 6 months ago, and it gets me down....that's when I sing, or try to anyway. It's my therapy. Sometimes I can get through a song, and sometimes I have to give up. When I sing, I push really really hard...I Have to.

Again, I love this post!!
Keep singing folks....keep singing !


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Music is excellent therapy for some people who have autism. My 16 yo grandson is autistic, yet he sings in a mixed voice choir in his high school, & plays acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, & ukulele by ear. Susan Boyle, who placed second in Britain's Got Talent 2009, has Asperger's Syndrome, which is a high-functioning form of autism. She's done very well for herself & is living her dream. It's truly the universal language, & I LOVE it!!!

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Singing is definitely my therapy