Music Therapy!

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RedAmy64LEVEL 106

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1StringLEVEL 61

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Yes, singing definitely can be relaxing if you do it for fun! If you get too serious about it, always trying to fix songs, etc, I could see that being stressful, but I'll take the joy of it over the competitiveness of it any day of the week

RockabillyPhil61LEVEL 44

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Either singing or listening to music is a stress relief for me, my mood decides to have a sing on Sing Snap or just listen to some great singers, and the songs that go with the mood setting for bopping and dancing or just relaxing

SugarBabe4uLEVEL 92

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Dreams are what the heart desire’s the most!!


tigers12LEVEL 84

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interesting read xxx

Asmodeus13LEVEL 50

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I have anxiety issues and singing definitely helps (as does sharing the songs with my friends and family on FB)

Uncle-PauleyLEVEL 106

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Music is life, and SingSnap is the blood in life's veins!

EnioPedrozoLEVEL 102

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A BOMBA - Braga Boys *** Click here...and enjoy it. Thank you!

big_wolfpawsLEVEL 47

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The right song can defiantly pick me up or make me cry.

Cinnamon1965LEVEL 104

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I love the music heals us!

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Singing occupies both sides of my brain as I am very picky about how my song comes out (left side) but it is a version of creativity what with adding flourishes and such (right side). I am an artist in other respects and this works out the same for my visual artworks and photography as well.

But singing helps me to undo the effects of stress a lot as I am focused on the song and not the problems in life. Sort of a meditation. Recently at my job I was feeling very stressed out and as my job often offers times when I can sing without bothering others (I was doing some glass engraving) I started singing and pretty much immediately felt a lot better.

txspicesLEVEL 21

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im a social worker so I know this information, laughter and music are both very good for the soul and health.

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