New Look=Great. Video Playback=BAD!

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KaraokeBankersLEVEL 6

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Hey. The new upgrade looks cool. However after it was implemented we cannot record video smoothly anymore! The video gets stuck for 90% of the song now and we just look frozen silly instead of singing. Does anyone else have this problem? We have a 512K connection which worked fine before...

TheWitchDoctressLEVEL 24

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I haven't encountered any problems recording (Did 2 recordings earlier tonite) and I know that my hubby hasn't had any problems recording. I just make sure I clear my cookies and temp files before recording.


Reply by -Data-GOLD

I have this problem also and jason said it is the upstream connection that matters. You must have 240 kbit/s minimum to record videos. He also will be making something else to fix that in the new year. Just have patience or upgrade your internet connection. If you believe your connection is fast enough you may want to look into closing background applications that may be taking your bandwidth away. You can test your connection for free here