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What do you do when you don't feel the love anymore in here?


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Up Where We Belong ... Love Train! When You Tell Me That You Love me

Join the First Love Challenge this Friday.

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Hey Michael, some advise to take a SingSnap vacation. I've tried that but it didn't work for me.

I went to your home page to get to know a little bit about you. I am chronically depressed myself, sometimes worse than other times but it can get real bad, so I can relate to what you write. I don't have a lot of time to listen to you right now, but I flagged you so I can do that later because I love the harp.

I guess we're all human and just like in a real world community this community has it's troubles too but I try to steer around them.

What works for me is to participate on a regular base in a few selected contests of which I like the hosts and the general feel and the comments I get. Last contest I did, I didn't rank high, but I moved one of the fellow contestants to tears and that made up for everything else.

At other times it helps me to just listen to my own recordings or to a few of my fav singers or I upload missing songs that I like or just sing a happy song for myself without recording.

Unfortunately if you sit back and wait, usually people won't come for you, you have to stay active, I guess like you get back what you put in?

Tomorrow's contest is about loving to laugh, so that might be a good way to start?

I hope this helps a little

Best of luck,


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Sinus surgery set for March 14th; happy smell times ahead!!

Do a duet?

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Do a duet?The_Holy_Mole


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Hey Chuck, go put your head in the toilet and flush.

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Hey Chuck, go put your head in the toilet and flush.-Harpn4fun-

I think this was directed at me. I deserved it as you thought I was laughing at you and I understand. But do know I was not laughing at you I was laughing at holy moles post of do a duet.

To answer your question though. I dont try to feel loved. When I pick up the mic I sing for me. I dont sing to impress no one. I go 100% as much as I can and have fun singing. Thats what I do. I dont give a damn if someone likes me or my song.

Trust me dude if I wanted to feel loved and impress someone I could be making $$$$$ singing in clubs making singing a career but you know what thats the wrong reason to sing. I sing because I love it and its something I like to do at the times I am down because it helps me! IDGAF rather anyone likes me or my songs.

When you dont feel loved Harpn4fun tell yourself who gives a damn yea? Say to yourself listen I am a Singsnapper that can play the harmonica very well and not many can do that and if ppl dont love me who gives a damn!

And if you do truly care about being loved then go join contests. Go promote your songs trust me ppl will listen.