Summerfest Summer Games!

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NovellaLEVEL 108

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I'm all shook up!

Welcome To The Summer Games!

We are super excited to launch the Summerfest Summer Games! We will be representing every country across the planet in a summer full of vocal events! Join us for some rockin' rowing, synchronized singing, the vocal vault and much, much more!

The Summer Games will kick off on Friday June 1st and will run for five weeks. We will post a new thread for each week, so check back here to see what your first Summer Games Event will be!

Each week there will be a challenge consisting of two parts. A) You will have to sing a song and B) You will have to complete a side challenge either while you sing, or in your song comment section. For each challenge you successfully complete - you will be awarded a music note! For those of you who collect all 5 music notes, you will be awarded the Snap-Star nickname that you will be able to keep for an entire month! Also, you'll get a cool Gold Medal banner for your profile!


You Can Follow Along!

Every Monday we will be posting an updated file of the participants and their standing on the SingSnap Events Profile, so that you can follow along with us!

This is only a Sample. The actual file will go live the Monday following our first event!

*Click for a larger version.

While We Wait....

Help Design Our Summer Games Flag!

The SingSnap nation is comprised of thousands of people from all across the planet. We are a virtual family and consider ourselves to be a community unlike any other. However - we're missing something. With our first ever SingSnap Games approaching, we now need a Flag that is representative of our nation!

.........................................................(these are only samples)

Design A Flag Challenge:

For all those designers at heart, here is your chance to win a 3-month Gold membership! All you have to do is put on your thinking cap and put together a flag that YOU feel represents SingSnap. Get creative! We are looking for something that is fun, creative, that anyone can see from a mile away and KNOW that it's for our nation!

The Details:

1. You have until 1 PM EST, Monday May 28th to submit your flag to Novella via Private Message or Email (

2. If you decide to send it via Private Messaging, you will need to upload your graphic to a photo hosting website such as If you send it via email, ensure you attach the graphic and put 'SingSnap Flag' in the subject field.

3. If you do NOT have graphic design experience but still want to give us your concept, do so! You can either draw it and scan it to your computer, use paint to outline your idea, etc., and submit it via the same method described above. If we love it, we will try our best to make your vision come to life!

The Opening Ceremonies:

On Thursday, May 31st we will be hosting the opening ceremonies for the Summerfest Summer Games! We will be having some fun events such as; one of Trevor's Kick Butt Features, A Chat Event and the super special unveiling of the SingSnap Flag! Stay tuned for more announcements as this Summer promises to be the best one yet on SingSnap!

Overview Of The Rules & Guidelines:

1. The challenge will run from Friday June 1st until Friday June 29th!
2. The opening ceremonies will be held on May 31, 2012.
3. This challenge is open to every member of the site.
4. Webcams are encouraged but not required.
5. Zero tolerance rule for drama will be enforced strictly.
6. A new thread will be posted for each Friday.
7. A new SingSnap Summerfest playlist will be created for each week.
8. A song must be entered into the specified thread to be considered.
9. You can join in as many or as few of the challenges as you desire.
10. No Pre-Records will be accepted.
11. Only one song per Snapper, unless otherwise stated.
12. Promotion of non-challenge songs is strictly prohibited.
13. Any questions should be directed to the SingSnap Events Team.
14. Most importantly - Have Fun!

Happy Singing Everyone!

Belle_MorteLEVEL 58

Reply by Belle_MorteGOLD

wow, first? FLAGGING!!!!

MatkamLEVEL 103

Reply by MatkamGOLD

count me in =-))

KrazyBoutKatzLEVEL 14

Reply by KrazyBoutKatz

count me in.....


Reply by aniretak92

Interesting. Will keep this in mind.

dearsomeoneLEVEL 93

Reply by dearsomeoneGOLD

wowww!!! this is surely another fun !!! see 'yah !!!

flamecatLEVEL 9

Reply by flamecat

sounds fun. count me in.

-Tas-LEVEL 71

Reply by -Tas-


dawn04161975LEVEL 9

Reply by dawn04161975

Flagging : )

Carol-ALEVEL 102

Reply by Carol-AGOLD 10

Darlin, I love you ~ Please Get Well Soon ~ I'm still praying 4u ~

I'm in,...............


Reply by _RaE_


ohboyLEVEL 3

Reply by ohboy


dawn04161975LEVEL 9

Reply by dawn04161975

Hey My Precious Papa Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

JewelryJunkieLEVEL 5

Reply by JewelryJunkie


-Hartley-LEVEL 36

Reply by -Hartley-GOLD

Flagged, oh boy, here we go, this is going to be so much fun, have waited all year for this summerfest to begin.


Reply by ChelseaBSB



Reply by JCDGOLD

Flagging too!


Reply by GreeneyedkatGOLD


ScoutSaysHiLEVEL 46

Reply by ScoutSaysHiGOLD

Want to wish all the dads out there a very Happy Father's Day!

Yep, flagged it!! Really looking forward to the Summerfest Summer Games Challenge!!


Reply by P-J

Oh yeah!!! Gonna be fun fun fun!!

sweetcheeks27LEVEL 87

Reply by sweetcheeks27

just awesome hope we have fun snappers!


Reply by GrannyNanGOLD

Flagging & hoping I can make them all!

ladystormannieLEVEL 31

Reply by ladystormannie

Oh I LOVE summerfest!


Reply by BlueT_UK

Count me in

puzzlecutLEVEL 8

Reply by puzzlecut

ill give it a go sounds like fun

SoftiSingsLEVEL 3

Reply by SoftiSings


13gloriaLEVEL 20

Reply by 13gloriaGOLD

please count me in I am looking forward to another great challenge

sapphire5LEVEL 101

Reply by sapphire5GOLD

Sang my first song in 3 weeks after being ill. hugs Linda .x.

Yes , I'm in......these are fun...flagging


Reply by ShineOnLoveGOLD

I am a designer....Have one in mind now.....Summerfest is back...yessss..How many have I completed? 2 ? Fun is in store for us now.....Lets have fun!!! Flagged

Jami19LEVEL 92

Reply by Jami19GOLD 1

I am in!

Ms_Truckin_BlueyLEVEL 5

Reply by Ms_Truckin_Bluey

Woohoooo this is gonna be great!!!

-Teri-LEVEL 51

Reply by -Teri-


Sparrow5LEVEL 88

Reply by Sparrow5

for sure i am flagging

Sparrow5LEVEL 88

Reply by Sparrow5

i am in thanks very much

davidmarxmLEVEL 90

Reply by davidmarxm


soulisister1LEVEL 2

Reply by soulisister1


SunnylaneLEVEL 3

Reply by SunnylaneGOLD

I sure loveesss Summerfest ! Flagging

LadyFairiedustLEVEL 3

Reply by LadyFairiedust

Flagging.. I must get to work in Photo Shop right now..

Oh this is going to be a hoot..

SingingRainbowLEVEL 104

Reply by SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS 1

J&D's CG@H#86 RND#2 is right here!<3

Fun times for Snappers this summer :o) Weeeeeeeeee!

SexyMama47LEVEL 99

Reply by SexyMama47GOLD 3



Reply by DSA3098PATRON

I'm in...............ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tree1LEVEL 84

Reply by tree1GOLD

am running up my flag.

believer1LEVEL 53

Reply by believer1GOLD

I'm in. You have been flagged.



Sorry bout being behind on listens..will get my butt in gear!!

YESSSS!!! Sure hope I can participate this year.. am gonna TRY anyway!

dsider63LEVEL 101

Reply by dsider63GOLD 1


shortcakej829LEVEL 23

Reply by shortcakej829

woo hoo...flagging this..

bullLEVEL 6

Reply by bull

flagging, hello everyone


Reply by NikkieGOLD



Reply by jazztrumpetGOLD


cannotsing24LEVEL 104

Reply by cannotsing24


DaBratttLEVEL 101

Reply by DaBratttGOLD 5


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