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So, before I get started, I want to introduce myself. I am Jamie, I am 13 years old, about to be 14 on April 1st. As you may have guessed, I sing, and I do alot of singing. I am in my school's choir and I do get alot of success among my other friends and and I love working with them, but out of my 3 or 4 years of singing, I have never been able to utilize my head voice. I have always been using my falsetto, and I have used it so much I have learned how to control it perfectly, and its very well rounded. I have sung many songs in my falsetto that are in the coloratura range, such as Der Holle' Rache or Ave Maria, and I love it. BUT, I want to be able to utilize my head voice. As much as I love falsetto, I hate when I have to come back down into chest voice and I hear that voice flip from falsetto to head voice. No one minds it, but It annoys me. I want to use my headvoice so I can connect and develop a mixed voice before it's too late. My voice is beginning to change, and I have gained a couple of bottom notes down to about G2, or F2 if I just woke up in the morning, but I was just wondering if I should have a head voice by now. My teacher says I have a very strong and well rounded falsetto, but as I get older, the falsetto can be very tiring on my vocal chords and may cause problems. My friends told me I can use head voice by learning to manipulate my throat resonance, such as the pharynx and opening the throat, but the problem is; I don't know how to do that! Someone please explain this all to me! I want to be able to be free with my voice. I want to be able to belt in mixed voice like other singers instead of always having to yell in chest voice. It's really a pain. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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STAY SAFE !!!!!!

Post a song so we can listen ..


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^ What HE said.


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It is a good sign that you are aware of these things. In not sure why people teach different voices when the goal is to have one voice, fully connected. As you have expressed the desire to have. Falsetto is just an easy answer if you dont have good breath support/control. Its like so many things in life. If you focus on three separate voices that is what youll have. Try to think of it as one voice, your voice. True there are different qualities and resonators to your voice. Guess what? Thats ok. The principals of singing remain and will work for you as you learn to trust your diaphragm to do the work. Remember we want freedom with singing. Free yourselves from these mental constructs that have been so long established.

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I will try to get a song up soon, I have been soo busy this week with the ACT Aspire tests and all! I will try to get one on here and give you guys a taste of my voice! And thanks IanHarrod, I will try to not think about it too much. I am still trying and I want to be free with my voice and I am getting soo close! Thanks for the help again guys!

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Christina on the voice said to one of the singer " open your mouth more". Clearly this doesn't work for every word of a sentence but if you practice it and keep learning techniques eventually one day it will click. We are always learning how to improve our vocals. Just keep singing from the heart and the rest will come. Also listen to your recordings often so you can hear what your voice is doing.