trouble getting into singsnap

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i am a member for a long time when i first started a friend set m up. but i moved an nw i don't know how to set myself up. could you please explain to me exactly what i need t her the music and record . i m not computer wise so i do have trouble .thank you for your trouble.


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What ya got? You will need a computer, and headphones and a mic, or you need an iPhone. I do not know squat about I phones. I can try to walk you through the computer method, however. I will hang out 10 minutes, and if I dont hear from you, then you were already successful. Thats the positive outcome for me. LOL

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You'll find tutorials here that show step by step how to set up your computer. Look for the one that says Set Up Giude.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks. I should have done that, but now she, or he, is set!

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Here is the set up tutorial for windows 7, 8, and 10.

The first ting you will want to do is find the mic you are using in your recording devices. Speak into your mic to see which green meter is moving. Take note of what the mic is called. Make sure your flash player (adobe) is up to date. Run the singsnap wizard on the recorder screen and select the mic and cam you are using. Save your settings.

Your output device should be headphones. If its speakers there is a chance the sound from your speakers will be recorded as well.. leaving the saved track a bit muddy.

Once you have all this done try selecting a song to record. Your mic meter should be moving in the singsnap recorder when you talk, and you should hear yourself and the music through your headphones.

If you need more help send me or singsnap support a private message.