**RESULTS**J&D'S CALENDAR GIRLS 1 SONG ONLY "Autumn Oldies festival" **RESULTS!!

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**Praying for some relief soon** :(

This is our "contestants acknowledgment banner"


We truly appreciate you joining us. Your support and participation mean a lot to us. You are the fuel that keeps us going ladies. We thank you so much for joining yet another edition of "J&D's Calendar girls" and for making it as popular as it is. For this edition, we have a couple of "ties" and we didn't want to break them. We don't always have ties but when we do, the ladies both receive their own banner. We loved hearing these wonderful OLDIES. Thank you for being such great contestants and friends to us. :)
We enjoy hosting this one for all of you each month! Do come join us again for our SPECIAL 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY early NOVEMBER :)
Much love,
Denise & Johnny :)

Our "FIFTH PLACE WINNER" Congratulations lindy_ann!!
Well done girl!! :)


Our "FOURTH PLACE WINNER" Congratulations Phyllis!!
Well done girl!! :)


Our "THIRD PLACE WINNER" Congratulations Bonnie!!
Well done girl!! :)


Our "THIRD PLACE WINNER" Congratulations KathyMarie!!
Well done girl!! :)


Our "SECOND PLACE WINNER" Congratulations Judie!!
Well done girl!! :)


Our "SECOND PLACE WINNER" Congratulations diva71!!
Well done girl!! :)


Our "MISS OCTOBER" Congratulations Rox!!
Well done girl!! :)


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congratulation to all these great ladies job well done

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congrats to you Rox for being the Miss October Girl! & to all the other winners!, Thanks so much Johnny & Denise for hosting another great contest, enjoyed my stay, hope to see you all again soon! God Bless all & hugs*******************************************

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Congratulations Ladies!!! Everyone enjoy FALL Thanks Johnny and Denise for another great contest

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Livin & lovin life, hope you are too! Love & light :) Blessed Be <3 xoxox <3

Congrats ladies Well deserved indeed!!! Lovely banners Rainbow girl!! Take good care....see ya'll around Snaptown

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Congrats to all the winners! Especially to Ms. October!!! Enjoyed the contest, Denise and Johnny! Always enjoy singing oldies. Hugs to all.

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Wonderful Job ladies, congrats everyone and ty for an awesome contest as usual!

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congrads to all c ya next time have a goodern b safe

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What an awesome contest.....I really love these one song contests.....it's not so hard for me to remember these!! LOL LOL Thank you so much for the placement and the beautiful banner that will be on my profile as soon as I type this note. You guys are the best!!! And congrats to all the other girls.....we ALL win in Denise's contests!!!

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**Praying for some relief soon** :(

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and for being so supportive to each other. We do appreciate that. We love hosting and can't wait to hear you all again!!

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I'm feeling the love! <3

Wow, thank you so much! I am humbled to be named Miss October in this contest among such awesome talent! Thank you for this contest and for my beautiful banner! Congratulations to all of the winners, and to all participants!

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Congrats ladies.. Well deserved, winners... Thanks for the contest, Denise and Johnny... Hugs, Joyce

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Congrats Rox...

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**Praying for some relief soon** :(

You are very welcome Rox!!! We hope to see you in future contests !!
@Joyce : Thank you hon. We hope to see you in future contests too

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Watch Me r/c09bc989f

This was so much fun! Met some more new (really good!) singers here! And some from before too of course! Talented bunch! Hope I can catch another one sometime!

Thanks for my banner! It's beautiful! Congratulations to all of you! Everyone did great and I loved hearing all those cool old songs!

Thanks Denise and Johnny!


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Congrats to all the winners!! Thanks Denise and Johnny...was a fun contest!!

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Thank you so much Denise and Johnny....this contest was so fun. It's the first I have entered since my two surgeries this year. Just four months out. SO I figured why not enter and just roll with it.

Thank you so much for the invite and the beautiful banner!!! And congratulations to Solo Songstress, so well deserved!!!

Congratulations to everyone.... really enjoyed listening to everyone!

God bless.


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Would you give me a heads up when more of yours are coming up?!?!


Reply by KathyMarie

Wow! Thank you so much for the placement and beautiful banner! This was a fun contest, and thank you Denise and Johnny for another great time

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Laugh your heart out, Dance in the rain, Cherish the moment, ignore the pain, Live, Laugh, Love,

Oh my goodness. What an awesome surprise from a really hard day. Definitely smiling now. Thank you so very much for the placement and gorgeous banner. So much amazing talent and so many incredible ladies.

Congratulations to everyone. You all sounded fantastic.

Thank you Denise and Johnny

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Thanks for a great contest. Congratulations ladies.

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congrats to you all thanks for my banner

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Congrats Ladies ...Thanks for the contest

entrancertvLEVEL 69

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Thanks so much for the Participation Banner, Denise....oh-so-pretty!!! Will proudly place it on my Profile Wall

Hear you soon


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I'll be your rock if you'll be my wings.... Together hand and hand side by side through it all <3

Congratulations Ladies....The banners are so so beautiful Ms D....Thank you for all you put into your contests....See y'all in the next one

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congradulations everyone