Duet For Dollars - Partnership Call Thread!

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DgalangLEVEL 13

Reply by Dgalang

need a duet partner anyone

mchapman5LEVEL 39

Reply by mchapman5GOLD

looking for a duet partner for "Don't know Much" BY AARON NEVELS AND LINDA RONSTAT. thanks Mary

suernLEVEL 19

Reply by suern

Lookin for male duet partner, here is a harmony I recently did. Please private message me if interested and thank you.


My page also has other duets I've done.

tigrgrl76LEVEL 16

Reply by tigrgrl76

I'm looking for a partner as well. I am a free member right now tho. The songs I'd like to do so far are Leather & Lace and Let's Make Love. Feel free to check out some of my recordings. PM me if interested. Thanks, Tami**

JustroyLEVEL 44

Reply by JustroyGOLD

Til a tear becomes a rose... join me... http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c8b157842

JustroyLEVEL 44

Reply by JustroyGOLD

whiskey lullaby...join me... http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/cbb50fa22

JustroyLEVEL 44

Reply by JustroyGOLD

you're the reason our kids are ugly...join me.. http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/bd7a4e212

singer4eva26LEVEL 11

Reply by singer4eva26

here is an example of my vocals if you need some help deciding if I am the right partner for you!! Let's win this thing!!


EarthStoryLEVEL 23

Reply by EarthStory

I need a partner if anyone is interested....I like all kinds of music.

muchasingingLEVEL 61

Reply by muchasingingGOLD

moon045LEVEL 30

Reply by moon045

i need a duet partner here is a duet i've done that sounds really good check it out and see if your down to sing r/b with me

country_angel27LEVEL 23

Reply by country_angel27

Hi to all singsnapers..I am very interested in singing in this contest.But i need a partner.I have been singing for 22 years and love to sing in contests,its fun for me and its entertaining to hear the other singers.I love trying new things as well so even if we dont sing the same kind of music i will be glad to learn a new song to sing with anyone.male or female it doesnt matter to me.I am a very fast learner when it comes to music and can learn a song in a matter of hours.If anyone is interested please private message me and let me know what you would like to sing.Thank you and good luck to all the contestants who enter this contest.

Country Angel


Reply by Singingstar303

I'm looking for a duet partner . . . . . .

BigGeorgeLEVEL 30

Edited reply by BigGeorge

<<<< Sounds a little like Kenny Rogers if ya need a partner ...LOL...heres one you can try with me..I can do just abouy any song thou


Shelby1976LEVEL 15

Reply by Shelby1976

Singingstar303.....you have to be at least 18 years of age to enter this contest...so sorry hon

Binky-LEVEL 8

Reply by Binky-

I'd love a partner my favorite duet is "A Rockin' Good Way" If anyone wants to try out just send me message. I'm flexible too ~Bren~

muchasingingLEVEL 61

Reply by muchasingingGOLD


muchasingingLEVEL 61

Reply by muchasingingGOLD

SariaSweetzLEVEL 16

Reply by SariaSweetz

I am interested in a partner! Please take a listen to some of my stuff and lemme know! ^.^


Reply by -forgotten1-GOLD +1

Looking for a partner,feel free to listen to any of my recordings.I'm mostly country but am willing to try almost any genre.PM me if your interested....

always_singingLEVEL 2

Reply by always_singing

Hey, I need a Male Partner for my song for the contest :


Dani89LEVEL 4

Reply by Dani89

Looking for a duet partner!!! Will have to do blue songs though . PM me if interested!

Zac57LEVEL 2

Reply by Zac57

LOVE It i love music with a country modern style and most of all havin fun singing

Lori_44LEVEL 5

Reply by Lori_44

Looking for a partner!!

karaokeloveralwaysLEVEL 20

Reply by karaokeloveralwaysGOLD

I am interested in doing a duet. I would love to sing Picture but am open to anything.

MS_MargoLEVEL 25

Reply by MS_MargoGOLD

Looking for a partner....Heavy southern accent,lol... So of course, mostly country...

mustangcurtLEVEL 53

Reply by mustangcurtGOLD

Like everyone else lookin for a singing partner for the duet contest. I have no open duets sorry but will try to get one or 2 up soon.

singmnLEVEL 29

Edited reply by singmnGOLD

i'll try this it will be fun need a duet partner

mjfreemanLEVEL 72

Reply by mjfreemanGOLD

I am looking for a partener please.. If interested please PM me.. Thanks hope everyone is having a great evening.. Flaggin as well.

cadsamLEVEL 18

Reply by cadsam


Looking for a duet partner.

kykcgirlLEVEL 21

Reply by kykcgirl

looking for a partner , here are a couple of my open duets
As soon as I hang up the phone- Conway and Loretta

lets make love- tim and faith

a bad goodbye- clint black & wynonna judd

also willing to try anything you like

AlainaMichaunLEVEL 3

Reply by AlainaMichaun

Looking for a partner, I sing mostly, r&b, pop, neo soul but will try any genre, just need to blend well together

RaymLEVEL 47

Reply by Raym

Looking for a partner!! I'm a rocker at heart but can adjust to many different styles. Here's a link to a song I did recently!!
Message me!!

elycelynneLEVEL 57

Reply by elycelynneGOLD

Hello! Looking for a male duet partner. I'm a soprano who likes to sing pop, standards and show tunes. (Unfortunately my voice doesn't lend well to country, rock or r&b.) I've attached a sample open duet so you can get an idea of what I sound like and decide if you're interested. Please PM me if you are and we can see if our voices blend well or not!

You Don't Bring Me Flowers ~ Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond


DoomDoggy666LEVEL 2

Reply by DoomDoggy666

Looking for a partner. Preferably female, considering the songs I have in mind to do. Male partner will do, though. Heres a sample of what my voice sounds like. I do just about anything; rock, rap, country, alternative, pop, etc. Message me if you're interested, or wanna see the songs I have in mind to sing.




There's some sample songs of what I sound like. A slow song, and a rap song, lol.

loverman21LEVEL 48

Reply by loverman21GOLD

Hi need a partner for this song summer nights



loverman21LEVEL 48

Reply by loverman21GOLD

Hello, any Gals like to sing this song with me?

My Entry is called Reunited by Peaches & Herb



country_angel27LEVEL 23

Reply by country_angel27

Still looking for a duet partner if anyone is interested..i have a couple sample songs here,they are country so go ahead and check them out if you do country and let me know one way or another if you want to duet with me for this contest.



Male and female both welcome to sing with me.

For_The_SoulLEVEL 21

Reply by For_The_SoulGOLD

Just saw the info on the Duet thread and am interested if someone is still in need of a duet partner. Send me a msg with your song options please.

Flytrap22LEVEL 52

Reply by Flytrap22GOLD

http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c9b37897e Heres our duet link Flytrap22 and Nursenessa


Reply by katmarie11

Hello! Would love to find a duet partner: male or female. I love to sing oldies, showtunes (Grease...or Phantom!), pop, and country (Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton).

Here a some sample songs:



Send me a message! :o)

spudrunner_48LEVEL 28

Reply by spudrunner_48GOLD

Hi all. I'd like to give this contest a shot, so lookin' for a partner. I'm mostly country, and some pop, older rock and oldies too. I'll put a link to one of my favorite open duets, by Lady Antebellum. Thanks for giving a listen, pm me if you would like to give this a try.


wordmanLEVEL 56

Reply by wordman

PM me if interested. My favorite duet is You Don't Bring Me Flowers, for obvious reasons Hope to hear from you!


Just_a_singaLEVEL 25

Reply by Just_a_singa

Looking for a partner please

Not necessary no more I already entered one.

Jenn69lLEVEL 3

Edited reply by Jenn69l

Hi Love to sing~~~ Did a song~~ Lionel Richie / Diana Ross ~~ Endless love~~ I sang the Female part all i need is the Male part to be sung~~ please feel free to listen to it it should be on the first page~~~ Thanks so much~~~ http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/b78914f4a This is the link~~

RaymLEVEL 47

Reply by Raym

Here are a few OPEN duets I did, if you think we will work well together!!!
A Bad Goodbye

NereidaLEVEL 8

Reply by Nereida

duet partner needed for FubarSam, thank you


I Got You Babe

singingmemeLEVEL 58

Reply by singingmemeGOLD

Still looking for a cowboy!! ..or a good ole' boy..lol..definately a country guy..so here are a couple of examples and open duets to try out?? ...maybe..could be?? lol...please let me know!!...~~Jo~~

By My Side ~ Lorrie Morgan & Jon Randall

Crying In The Rain ~ Tammy Wynette (a little range show)

After The Fire Is Gone ~ Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn

If I Were A Carpenter ~ Johnny & June Carter Cash


elizabeth0226LEVEL 2

Reply by elizabeth0226

im really interested in this i need a partner i sing it all please message me i wont let you down male or female

TifferjoeLEVEL 19

Reply by Tifferjoe

Hey everyone...this just sounds like fun and I'm game for being a duet partner for anybody looking to enter (for any song)...if you can bare with me....:)... just PM me!!!

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