**RESULTS**J&D's Calendar girls(A Valentine's Serenade)**

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CG@H#108(results this wknd) "You're never alone on Singsnap! It's a great place to be!"


Hello ladies and welcome to "J&D's Calendar girls 1 song only contest "A Valentine's serenade". We hope you have enjoyed your time with us as much as we have enjoyed having you and hearing you sing. I can tell you that "judging" all of you wasn't an easy task. For this edition, there are TIES but everyone who places as in all of our contests receives their own personalized banner. Choosing "winners" is never easy but since it's a CONTEST we have to or we'd have to give everyone a banner and call it a CHALLENGE but that's not why you are here right? lol ;) so now, here are the results without any further blah blah" from yours truly , starting with our 5th place winners, our "Contestants acknowledgment" award is posted to start us off so please understand that this award is for ALL OF YOU as a special token of appreciation. We hope to see you all soon! :)
Johnny & Denise~ :)

"Participation banner for
all of our lovely participants".


"Our 5th place winners (A tree way tie)" Congratulations to : -Tina***Sylviapl65***KellyHarts***




"Our 4th place winners (a tie)"
Congratulations to : -Tina***PamelaJane***
& ***razzygayle***



"Our 3rd place winner"
Congratulations to :


"Our 2nd place winners (a tie)"
Congratulations to : gabby_marshall
& ***MirandaLizSpringer***



Congratulations to
"Our ***MISS FEBRUARY 2020***
: Xtine!!!!***


We hope to see you for our next edition in March
ladies!! Thank you for the great entertainment!! :)
Johnny & Denise



congratulations to all the winners, beautiful banners......awesome contest, thank you for having me.......hugs

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Oh wow! Thank you so much Denise and Johnny for my placement! Denise, the banners were so worth the wait hun...they are beautiful! Thanks too, for a fun contest and for all of your hard work! I've loved listening to all of the entries. Congratulations to all of the other placement winners too!

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CG@H#108(results this wknd) "You're never alone on Singsnap! It's a great place to be!"

Hello ladies!! Thank you both so much for joining us!! We're happy you had a fun time!! Again congrats, Christine, we loved your song girl we hope to see you both again in future contests.
Denise & Johnny

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Thank you for the beautiful banner!

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CONGRATULATIONS to the Placement Winners!! YAY to Miss February!!!

THANKS so much for the BEAUTIFUL Participation Banner, Denise. LOVE IT!!!

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congrats to all the winners! Thanks so much Denise for my lovely placement banner! I so appreciate it! Thank you Denise & Johnny for hosting another super contest! Hugs*******

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Thank you, Jesus, for choosing the cross & suffering for sinners like me.

Congrats to all winners & thank you so much for my banner.......Razz

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Thank you for another amazing Calendar girl contest, Denise and Johnny!!! I always enjoy them!! And I couldn't resist joining this one when I saw the theme!!

Thank you so much for the beautiful banner Denise!! I know you put lots of work in them, and as Christine said, it was worth the wait!! They're beautiful!! Thank you as well for my placement, Congratulations to all the winners, and a Special Congratulations to Miss February!! Very well deserved!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week-end!!

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Thank you so much Denise and Johnny for my beautiful banner/placement ...
Loved catching another Contest with you all!

Congrats to all you ladies! Special Congrats to Miss Feburary! Bravo!
This was alot of fun and full of variety! Enjoyed it lots!




Congrats, Ladies.....and Thanks so much, Denise and Johnny.
You both are much appreciated, as are all these lovely ladies.

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Congrats Ladies
Thanks D & J For my lovely banner and contest
Had A Blast T xx

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CG@H#108(results this wknd) "You're never alone on Singsnap! It's a great place to be!"

Hello ladies!! You are all so welcome! We are happy you enjoyed your time spent with us. We loved having you and hearing your lovely songs.
We hope to see and hear you all again real soon!! Much love to all of you and wishing you a great week ahead!!
Denise & Johnny xoxo

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congrads o all ay'lll c un's again

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Congrats Miss February!!!
Thanks for the awesome contest Denise and Johnny!
Beautiful banners and appreciate the placement
Hugs, Kelly

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Congrats XTine Miss February and all the other winners. ... You ladies are amazing.... Thank you Ms D and Johnny for another wonderful contest... The banners are gorgeous Ms D... Out of this world wonderful gf...