How is my singing voice?

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Hey guys, I was hoping to get some feedback on my singing voice. I've always been curious to know what type of voice I have and what people think about it. I also appreciate any constructive feedback. Thanks

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Welcome, try recording on Singsnap

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Yep. I think you've got a voice worth getting lessons for. That is to say, you've got a good voice and maybe lessons will help you find out what you can do with it to make the most of it.

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My voice sucks its nothing like yours. If you don't mind me asking.... how old are you?


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^Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it a lot.

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I've only started practising so I'm not proficient enough to offer advice on singing technique. All I can say is how it sounds to me.

I think you have a great sounding voice. It captures emotion well and comes across as modern and cool. Style wise I can imagine it suiting modern pop, indie, R&B or soul music. It has all those natural qualities. But don't be afraid to experiment and go for whatever you like singing most.

I would be keen to hear some more of your recordings on Singsnap.


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Nice. I'd say the only thing that obstructs you from obtaining maximum tonal proficiency is the fact that your palatal resonance is disproportionate. Your sound is slightly on the nasal side, so it gives your tone a dominant nasally sound, which restricts clarity and overal richness. In order to rid yourself of the nasal sound, you must learn to navigate your soft palat and lift it so that it shuts off the main nasal resonators. Apart from that, your singing is nice.

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Agree with above. You have a sweet quality to your voice, which could be showcased effectively if you rid yourself of your slight nasal tendencies. Make sure to relax and work on creating space at the back of your throat when you sing. You have a tendency to strain into your upper register, so when reaching the higher notes you're actually potentially damaging your voice. Make sure to engage the belt of muscles around your lower-mid section and sitting/standing properly when you sing. This will create a solid foundation on which to use your support your breath and engage your diaphragm so you are singing safely. You'll notice an immediate change to your control once you engage these muscles and come out of your nose and connect to your whole body. Keep at it, nice stuff :)

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How's my singing ? I'd like some feedback please and if anyone would like to sponser me for Gold, I would really appreciate it

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I would appreciatte some feedback on my singing.Thank you.

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Been a longg time on here.Miss singsnap!God Bless

i automatically thought of christian music ! you have that christian gospel sound! its fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I happen to like your sound, although it has a nasally quality to it. But that makes it your voice. Very warm tone to your voice. I liked it a lot. The only advice I'd give you is to relax a little...just let those notes flow. There are parts in this performance where I felt you were straining a bit, but overall, you're a great singer. Keep at it

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your a pro good job

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I agree with what XLR8 says but you have a nice voice. I instantly thought your voice seems very suited to dance music type track, but that's not to say you're voice cannot be suited to other, more classical vocals. With some training and by using your diaphragm more effectively to support your breaths, your sound will become richer and rounder.

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I love your voice.!!!