My Other Love Challenge!

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NovellaLEVEL 111

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My Other Love...

We all know that SingSnap is your first love! So what else do you do in your spare time? This challenge is all about letting us know a little more about and giving you an opportunity to tell us what else in this big crazy world that gets your blood pumping!

My Other Love Challenge Details

My Other Love Challenge - Part A: You may sing any song on the site that is available to you. If you would like your song to get additional exposure and would like it on the Feature Page, you can request that here! The finished recording must be dated February 14th to be accepted.

My Other Love Challenge - Part B: In your song comment section, tell us a little bit about the other interests, hobbies or activities from your life that you love! Maybe you are artistic, work out, volunteer somewhere interesting! Take this opportunity to tell us a little about you!

Get Featured!

If you want to increase your chance of getting featured, remember to make a fun and creative video. Dress up like a Walking Valentine or something that shows off your effort and creativity.

Rules & Guidelines!

1. The Challenge is open from 12:00 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST Friday February 14, 2020. The song must be dated Feb 14.
2. No Duets. You may harmonize with yourself
3. Gender Benders are acceptable
4 You MUST have FUN! Fun, Fun, Fun!
5. Post your challenge link back in this thread.
6. Web cams are encouraged but not required.
7. Challenge is open to all members.
8. One song per Snapper
9. Promotion of non-challenge songs is strictly prohibited.
10. Post your link only once, if you think you've been missed contact the SingSnap Events Team.
11. Did I mention you must have FUN?
12. The song must be submitted in the following format.

Song Title
Song Link

Happy Singing!

*Disclaimer: SingSnap will not answer anyone's inquiries as to whether or not they have or have not been featured. Being featured is a privilege, not a right or expectation. You will likely not be featured each and every challenge, and our team does not have the resources to be answering these inquiries while trying to keep everything moving along. Thank-You for your understanding!

blue-nightingaleLEVEL 103

Edited reply by blue-nightingaleGOLD +6

Thanks so much for my hearts & heartograms, hugs and much love Jackie <3

Sounds like lots of fun, I'll be there

rocknrollgirlLEVEL 86

Reply by rocknrollgirlGOLD +4

It's time to Rock N Roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This sounds fun!!

SingingRainbowLEVEL 107

Reply by SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS +8

J&D's Calendar girls >>>Results!!

I just love the month of love See you all for this other wonderful challenge on Friday!



Taking a break..Thanx for the heartograms. Happy Valentines everyone <3

Keep the Love flowing!!!

jc4uLEVEL 103

Reply by jc4uPATRON +1

Rejoice in the Lord Always! "I Think of You" r/bd64be32b Blessings, Prayers

see you!

cannotsing24LEVEL 107

Reply by cannotsing24GOLD +7

Thank you for listening ,,,,,,,,,,mssfs

Love it

RNorman1929LEVEL 72

Reply by RNorman1929PATRON

Definitely in.


Reply by QTBUNZGOLD +7

Sounds like an awesome title. I will be here. Have a great day everyone.

GentleRaiinLEVEL 106

Reply by GentleRaiinGOLD +7

Have a great week to all.......GBY hugs!!

Love it!!!

MaxyWaxyLEVEL 102

Reply by MaxyWaxyGOLD +1

Me me me, i’m in

-Bev-LEVEL 105

Reply by -Bev-SPECIAL-EVENTS +4

Oh this is going to be a great challenge...I haven't had a valentine for years...but then again...I am too old for those....LOL!!! I love listening to all my lovely Singsnap family though....So you can bet I will be here listening to you all and joining in the fun!! So I shall be making that a date and putting this in my little red book!!

MatkamLEVEL 105

Reply by MatkamGOLD +3

Sounds like a Very Interesting Challenge


starsearchLEVEL 106

Reply by starsearchGOLD


donnica59LEVEL 98

Reply by donnica59GOLD +6

Love is in the air....... flagging

Misty_NiteLEVEL 69

Reply by Misty_NiteGOLD +4

I'm in!!!

Anna-ReaLEVEL 101

Reply by Anna-ReaGOLD +1

Way behind on listens my dearest friends , bbs to catch on listens , especially at The Cure !

Loves this one !!

singingsister57LEVEL 104

Reply by singingsister57GOLD

Thank you to all my friends who sent me Heart o' Grams! Love my SS friends!

Oh, boy. I have such a boring life. LOL I can't get out of the house very often and I'm not "crafty" at all. Hmmm. I love when the grandkids are here. They bring such joy. I'll figure it out. When I read the title, I thought it might be about our significant other, spouse, boy/girlfriend, pet.....or maybe chocolate. hahaha!

Bear50LEVEL 96

Reply by Bear50GOLD

r/c78c12573 SS Love Challenge: Born To Touch Your Feelings


Sparrow6LEVEL 93

Edited reply by Sparrow6GOLD

looking forward to it thank you

__Angels__LEVEL 110

Reply by __Angels__GOLD +5


VitaminDeeLEVEL 101

Reply by VitaminDeePATRON +11

Happy Valentine's Week- loving guest book entries--Stranger Things fans- Season 4 trailer/teaser

Awesome idea for a challenge

I love it

wranglerLEVEL 89

Reply by wranglerGOLD +2


NazzoLEVEL 102

Reply by NazzoGOLD +3

Waiting waiting waiting r/b760a6cdb <--- Pure Kiwi let ya Ya Ya's out 60's rock


Reply by starlightangel_1GOLD +14


babyblueeyessmilinLEVEL 91

Reply by babyblueeyessmilinGOLD +8

I have walking pneumonia :( Ty for all the Heart O' Grams <3 hugs <3

sounds fun


Reply by RICHARD60GOLD +6


Annie_MusicLEVEL 103

Reply by Annie_MusicGOLD +1

Loving all the SS LOVE <3

Sounds great! Love rule #4 Have fun

marywulsLEVEL 104

Reply by marywulsGOLD +5

Hope your day is good x Thankyou for the lovely hearts


Angelgirl758LEVEL 111

Reply by Angelgirl758GOLD +23

MY OTHER LOVE:r/ba6359613

Love love love!

jaderottie63LEVEL 85

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wmccormLEVEL 51

Reply by wmccormGOLD +1

hope I can


Edited reply by MikeIIIGOLD +1

* Have a nice weekend ** 2,464 songs uploaded

M Y*** T H E R***L V E

trojan55LEVEL 111

Reply by trojan55GOLD +11

I'll finish returning challenge visits Sunday morning

Badges ..

LovingSpiritLEVEL 67

Reply by LovingSpiritGOLD +1

God Bless Each One Of You!!!

NCB-karaokeLEVEL 69

Reply by NCB-karaokeGOLD

looking forward to this challenge, see you all on Friday.

bev2738LEVEL 101

Reply by bev2738GOLD +4

Tricia1968LEVEL 81

Reply by Tricia1968GOLD +1

Thanks so much for the heart-o-gram thingies :-) The smallest gestures can mean SO much, sometimes !

Wait.... you mean we're supposed to have a life outside of SS?? :-X

loz100LEVEL 46

Reply by loz100GOLD

The Way We Were

loz100LEVEL 46

Reply by loz100GOLD

I have always enjoyed music, I didn't really start singing until about ten years ago. It's been a gift to me, I know I will never be a great singer, I love that I can express myself in a song. It's great therapy for me.

I have two other passions in my life. First and most important is my family. They bring me so much joy seeing there success's and there failures. Being there for them and knowing they will always be there for me.

And last is Golf, I don't have the time to play like I once did but I truly enjoy it. It is a personnel struggle over coming your demons to succeed

RoseL6557LEVEL 111

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Reply by DONAL2228GOLD +3

To quote Tony Montana, "Sounds like fun to me, Frank!"

SingingRainbowLEVEL 107

Reply by SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS +8

J&D's Calendar girls >>>Results!!

The Way We Were

Hi there!! I'm sorry but we are not accepting any songs until tomorrow, Friday February 14th. We invite you to come back then and sing us a fresh recording and come post it to this thread and it will be added to the playlist. Also remember to add your part B on your song page, letting us know what or who is other love? We ask that you add it on your song page so that everyone that visits you gets to read it too. Thanks!
Have a great day and a great challenge tomorrow!

AnnD3470LEVEL 64

Reply by AnnD3470GOLD +1

Sounds like fun to me

DrsWoodardLEVEL 104

Reply by DrsWoodardGOLD +10

Donnie McClurkin/ Stand r/ba8495513

A day in port I'm in!

NazzoLEVEL 102

Edited reply by NazzoGOLD +3

Waiting waiting waiting r/b760a6cdb <--- Pure Kiwi let ya Ya Ya's out 60's rock

SingSnap_EventsLEVEL 67

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My other Love Playlist! Check out what Singsnappers are passionate about besides Singsnap!

SingSnap_EventsLEVEL 67

Reply by SingSnap_EventsSPECIAL-EVENTS +5

My other Love Playlist! Check out what Singsnappers are passionate about besides Singsnap!

SingSnap_EventsLEVEL 67

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My other Love Playlist! Check out what Singsnappers are passionate about besides Singsnap!

SingSnap_EventsLEVEL 67

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My other Love Playlist! Check out what Singsnappers are passionate about besides Singsnap!

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