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melLEVEL 19

Post by melGOLD

I can't login to the chatroom ... can't chat anymore ... anybody can help me with this? what has changed???

ps: if i use my - correct - login data, it will say, invalid login

AkaraokeloverLEVEL 36

Reply by Akaraokelover

I'd like to know what's up with the chat room too?

BluesEngineLEVEL 1

Reply by BluesEngine

anybody know anything?


Reply by Lani

I don't know, I'm getting those very same errors....


Reply by Dylan

When I try to log in to the chat room it says invalid user name/password and I know I'm using the correct nic and password

scarlettohallLEVEL 62

Reply by scarlettohallGOLD

You don't have to log in anymore. Just put your name in the name box. That's it!

VictoriaLEVEL 36

Reply by VictoriaGOLD

Lately when I enter the chat room it puts me in under the wrong name,when I try to change it and login under my appropriate log in/password it says "invalid login/password". Anyone else having this problem?

scarlettohallLEVEL 62

Reply by scarlettohallGOLD

Don't go to login. Just type in your name in the name box and click change

AlcatrazLEVEL 3

Reply by Alcatraz

The Login is not for singsnap it's for glabber user, so if you didn't register a username at gabbler site don't use the login just enter your name in the name box then click change name.