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Hey all I’m very new to this .. and don’t know how to really use it .. basically I’ve come on here to find out if I can really sing well... I have family and friends telling me I can sing and I’m really good ... but that’s what family and friend would say right ?? ....

Please have a listen and any feedback would be so appreciated!!!

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Hi Nam. Welcome to SingSnap. I listened to some of your song and I have to say you definitely have a good voice. I won’t rate you though. We don’t really do that here. We record and share our songs within the site and we comment on each other’s songs with positive feedback whether you are a new or seasoned singer.

Currently you are a blue member and have access to a limited number of songs. The gold feature gives you way more benefits and songs. SingSnap is a very social site with over 1 million members. There is much to do and interact here. We have topic boards, private chats, a site run chat room where we share our recordings live. SingSnap is a very social site with over 1 million members. On the header section of the main page there is a help tab and it will walk you through everything you can do here and how to do it. Here is a quick link to that tab

If you have any questions or need som help setting up your sound for the site feel free to send a message to SingSnapSupport

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Hey there Nam. Welcome to the land of SingSnap! Great to have you here my friend! You really do have an outstanding voice and I look forward to hearing more from you.

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Thankyou so much guys .... hoping to share more with you


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You not only have a nice voice, Nam, you convey the feeling of a song very well...most important!!!! Welcome to singsnap!!!
You are lucky!!! My family just ignores my singing...kinda throws ya' off!!!