Karaoke SuperStar Contest!

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Are You The Next Karaoke SuperStar?

It's time to get down to business with another Official SingSnap Contest! If you thought the prizes in the last contest were impressive, you're not going to want to miss this one!

The prizes are bigger, the stakes are higher and you can count on the competition being stiffer! SingSnap is in search of the next great Karaoke SuperStar and it could be you! Do you like singing and performing on camera? Do you feel you are versatile and can master all genres? Do you like to have fun, participate and gets tons of exposure? If any of that sounds appealing, then you absolutely must audition today! Read below for the details!

Karaoke SuperStar Concept:

We are in search of someone who has a versatile voice and personality and who is not afraid to put on a show! There will be five rounds in total but the fifth round details will be kept a secret for now. For the first four rounds, each contestant will be required to sing a song from a different genre.

Auditions & General Information: (July 17-July 23). Auditions are open to absolutely any member on the site. You must sing a song from one of the following genres; Rock, Country, RnB/Soul or Pop. The song must be found under those links and you must follow the SingSnap classification. No exceptions will be made and no songs will be re-classified for this contest.

There's a catch! You must choose carefully, because once you sing a song from a specific genre, that genre is no longer available to you for the duration of the contest! A bit of strategy has to come into play. Do you audition with your strongest genre, or do you keep it for the more advanced rounds? The longer you stay in the contest, the more genres you will have to attempt so good luck!

The song must also be performed on camera. Your video will be worth significant points so put some thought into it. Editing will not be allowed. It must be a one-shot, straight up video but definitely get creative and put some thought and consideration into your performance. See rules and guidelines for more information!

Round One - Top 200: (July 24 - July 29) You must sing any song from one of the three remaining genres. Video will be required.

Round Two - Top 50: (July 30 - August 3) You must sing any song from one of the two remaining genres. Video will be required.

Round Three (Semi-Finals) - Top 10: (August 4 - August 7) You must sing any song from the remaining genre. Video will be required.

Round Four (Finals) - Top 3: (August 8 - 11) To be Announced! Video will be required.

The Prizes!

As stated above, the prizes for this contest are bigger and better than anything ever seen on the likes of SingSnap!

First Place: $1,000 USD!
Second Place: $500 USD!
Third Place: $250 USD!
Fourth-Tenth Place: $100 USD!

Auditions Details:

Deadline: 4 PM EST, July 23, 2012.

1. You may sing any song in the SingSnap catalog available to you with the exception of; licensed material, demo tracks and original songs.
2. The song must be from one of the following genres; Rock, Country, RnB/Soul or Pop.
3. The song must be recorded fresh, for this contest and dated July 17, 2012 or after.
4. Video is required and will be worth points, so be creative.
5. You may sing your song first and then 'harmonize' with yourself to do the video. If you do this, include the singing portion only link in your song comment section for verification.
6. Your song will not be added to the playlist until verified.
7. Carefully read the Contest Requirements posted below.
8. Post your song, in this thread, in the following format:

Genre (Rock, Country, RnB/Soul or Pop)
Song Title
Song Link

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Contest Requirements:

Due to the nature of the cash prize, we must strictly abide by gaming laws. Please carefully read and review the Long Form Contest Rules prior to entering, to ensure your eligibility.

1. No purchase necessary to enter this contest. This is a skill based contest.
2. The contest will run from July 17, 2012 until August 14, 2012.
3. Each contestant must have their own account on SingSnap.com.
4. Contest is open to all members. Blue memberships are free. Blue members have an equivalent chance of winning as that of Gold members
5. To enter, submit completed audition songs to this thread prior to the deadline.
6. The song must be part of the SingSnap catalog.
7. You must sing on the track matching your chosen song.
8. No SingSnap Original or Original music permitted.
9. The song must be dated after this thread has been posted.
10. The audition entry must be a fresh recording, for this contest only.
11. One audition entry per member.
12. Promotion of non-contest songs is strictly prohibited.
13. Post your link only once, if you think you've been missed contact the SingSnap Events Team.
14. Web Cams are required.
15. If you won the last SingSnap Official Contest, you are not elligible to enter this one.
16. Volunteers are permitted to enter provided they meet the remaining contest criteria.
17. Contestants will be judged on vocal performance as well as video performance.
18. There is one first place prize in the amount of $1,000.00 USD that will be awarded to the winner. There is one second place prize in the amount of $500.00 USD that will be awarded to the runner-up. There is a third place prize in the amount of $250.00 USD for third place. Fourth-Tenth place will receive a prize in the amount of $100.00 USD.
19. All prizes will be awarded on or before September 31, 2012. Cash prizes will be paid to the winners in the form of a US$ check or money order by registered mail or via Paypal. The winning entries will be announced in the "Finals" contest thread as well as by video update.
20. The odds of winning each prize is directly related to the number of entrants and the skill level of the participants.
21. The Contest is open only to individuals who are members of SingSnap.com who have reached the age of majority in their respective jurisdiction of residence as of the date of Entry and who do NOT reside in Puerto Rico, U.S. territories and possessions or the Province of Quebec, Canada. This Contest is void wherever prohibited by federal, state, provincial, municipal or local law. You must be eighteen (18) or older to enter this Contest to be eligible to win. Employees and immediate families or household members of Sponsors and their respective parent companies, affiliates and subsidiaries, are ineligible to participate in this Contest.

Good Luck and Happy Singing!

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awwwwwwww I will be in Hawaii on vacay and will miss this one!!!!

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Thank YOU so much for my colors :) goodnight

Just flagging to watch don't do the cam thingy

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Woo hoo, we're off! Good luck to everyone who takes part!

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Had a lovely Birthday yesterday!.. Thanks for the Cake by my name Bee! (MusicalHeart) <3

Sounds like another fantastic contest!



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FLAGGING! Sounds fun!

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flaggin brb with a song


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Sounds fun

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Mmmmmmmm......sounds like fun!

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YAY! Can't wait to hear and see these entries! Good luck everyone!

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Interesting...will need some extreme dolled-up for this...

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sing snap is being very generous offering another Cash Contest so close together..I'm sure the members appreciate it..wtg trevor : )

PraiseHisNameLEVEL 43

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good luck ev1'


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Hmm... Will think about this

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Have a lovely day :)

Flaggin to listen and watch the video.

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Hello everyone.


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Hmm.. Sounds like fun. I might give this a shot.


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Guess I'll be watchin' again... Don't have a cam... :o( but looking forward to hearing everyone!

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Is it Nashville time Yet!?!

Look forward to hearing And seeing the talented members of SS as we proceed to find our Karaoke SuperStar!!


Reply by Terry

flagging.....and pondering...:)

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Just flagging to watch, video is not my friend lol The best of luck to all contestants!! :o)

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Invited Panel & Judging Criteria!

We aim to please and wanted to respond to some feedback we received from the last contest. We have held Auditions for judges for our official contests. While the auditions will be ongoing, we have selected an invited panel of judges who will be responsible for narrowing down the talent and eventually selecting our Top Ten Performers!

Please join me in giving a huge round of applause for the Invited Panel. In agreeing to judge this contest, they are forfeiting an opportunity to compete for these amazing prizes! They're donating their time and talent to helping ensure that SingSnap has a fair, fun and fabulous contest!

The Invited Panel


The auditions will also be judged by our devoted SingSnap Events Team! Thank You ladies for always being so wonderful and dedicated!

Judging Criteria!

Below is the criteria in which you will be judged on. Keep in mind that both vocal and video are important. Consider these questions/tips when preparing your audition!

Vocal Criteria (20 Points):

1. Pitch & Tone - 5 Points: Are you singing the song in a pitch/key that suits your voice? Are the individual notes on point? Do you go off key? Does your voice have a pleasant tone that fits the song?

2. Phrasing/Enunciation - 5 Points: Is your voice clear and concise? Do you sing the song with the correct phrasing? Do you hold and end the notes well?

3. Emotional Engagement - 5 Points: Do you connect with the song and deliver it with conviction? Make us 'believe' in the song and that you're telling your story.

4. Overall Song Choice: - 5 Points: Does the song showcase your voice? Does it fit tone? How well does your song choice challenge you? Is it a difficult song or way too easy? Do you make it 'sound' easy? Does it fit the genre requirements?

Video Criteria (15 Points):

1. Look - 5 Points: Costumes, make-up, appearance. Make an effort to 'look' the part of whatever you may be performing. Use facial expressions and play up the emotional/fun factor.

2. Staging/Blocking - 5 Points:Set the scene! Use props, body positions, lighting, camera filters? Move, create shadows, use body language! Set the tone and feel for the video.

3. Over All Presentation - 5 Points: Make sure your video matches your song choice. Make a creative connection! Tell a story! You are not allowed to edit so use your imagination and create a story line! Make the judges feel your song throughout your presentation. Connect the song/your voice with the video.

Good Luck Everyone!


Reply by --Turbo--

sounds like a great idea except the video thing.. am not an actor and do not have props and such so not even going to try..

good luck to anyone who ever tries



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If one lives in USA are they allowed to participate in this contest?


Reply by VikkiChickGOLD

Probably not good enough for this, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

MytrueselfLEVEL 41

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Flagging...will certainly try this one...you never know if you don't try i guess...good luck to you all


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Thank you <3

not a performer with all dancing but i'll give it a go!!!!! before the kids get home!!!!

JulesLEVEL 90

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If one lives in USA are they allowed to participate in this contest?lollymop

The locations that do not permit participation are: Puerto Rico, U.S. territories and possessions or the Province of Quebec, Canada.

JulesLEVEL 90

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Is this only open to paying members ? rosalind

As per the contest details listed above:

4. Contest is open to all members. Blue memberships are free. Blue members have an equivalent chance of winning as that of Gold members

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don't have pprops and stuff, either. good luck anyone who tries.


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Cool. Flagging

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J&D's CG@H#64'S ROUND#2 has started ladies! Click here!

Weeeeeee !! I can't wait to see & hear all of you talented Snappers sing your hearts out Have fun everybody

skatlady_blnLEVEL 59

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again a super idea singsnap-team !!!

cgarza0702LEVEL 15

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i would love to participate. flagging for sure when do we post the first song?

lollymopLEVEL 46

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thanks Jules.. still deciding if I want to do this

JulesLEVEL 90

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i would love to participate. flagging for sure when do we post the first song?cgarza0702

Any time between now and the deadline which is 4 PM EST, July 23, 2012

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Woohoo! I'm in!

bluedolphin333LEVEL 1

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i dont know how to thead bu i will try

JulesLEVEL 90

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You're very welcome, Stef


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flaggin im in

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Omg!!!! Flagging!!!!!

cgarza0702LEVEL 15

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okay cool. i will try to record one tonight!! so awesome. this contest will be fun!

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If one lives in USA are they allowed to participate in this contest?lollymop

The locations that do not permit participation are: Puerto Rico, U.S. territories and possessions or the Province of Quebec, Canada.Jules166

if your not sure what U.S TERRITORIES or Possessions are..heres a list
Puerto Rico
Federated States of Micronesia
U.S. Virgin Islands
American Samoa

sandym064LEVEL 40

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Will be listening..Cant compete with the younger generation..Don`t do cam either lol...

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