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Okay -- results coming soon!

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Team --

You all did a great job -- thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this round! You really did some great work thinking about your characters and coming up with songs that are their anthems.

In Round 2, for those who advance, I want you to challenge yourselves to really think about the character's story arc and tell us why the song you choose works with that character. I know it's a small exercise, but it's what we're trying to focus on in this contest, so we're asking you to think about the character. Don't just think about the TITLE of the song.... think about the lyrics of the song -- why does that song, in full, work for your selected character?

And make sure you spell it out for us -- give us more than a partial sentence. A couple of sentences will do; we don't need a book but make sure you explain your selection! That's a category worth up to 10 points, and in the next couple of rounds it could make all the difference! Again, we don't need a book -- please don't feel bogged down by this request. But we do need more than 3 or 4 words, haha! Just tell us.... something as simple as....(EXAMPLE)....

Mr. Weasley is fascinated by the Muggle World. He chose working with Muggle artifacts as his profession because of his love for all things Muggle. That's why "Part of Your World" is a perfect song choice for him; it's all about a love of things that belong to a world the singer wants to be part of.

Also, remember -- the rules from the beginning have stated that you only get the 2 points extra credit if you listen to and comment on the judge's songs, as well. Some of you only listened to your fellow participants and didn't listen to me or Ian.
And going forward, you need to get your listens in by the Round's end date/time. The only exception is that I won't ask you all to listen to any song submitted on the day the Round ends. Late submissions are excluded from the requirement in order to get the 2 Bonus Points

Excited to listen to the songs next round!

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WOW, team!

The judging was really difficult already! Wow -- and it's just Round 1. There were no songs we felt great about eliminating -- so please, sincerely, applaud yourselves for your effort. This is one of the reasons I love having a fellow judge or 2 -- someone else to help me make better, more well-rounded decisions, because you all made this HARD!

That being said, judging on all 7 criteria we laid out, there are 18 advancing to Round 2!

Congratulations to you all -- truly. I mean that. You did a great job!

Congrats, as well, to the 18 advancing to Round 2!


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welwell done to all who went forwards

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