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BrandyLEVEL 20

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I don't know if it's just me, or there's a trick to it, but I find that flagging anyone is a huge project for me. A lot of times the flags don't "stick" ? I flag someone, go back to my favorites and they aren't there. I tried to flag a couple people last night and it took me like 10 mins for each person. Anyone else having this issue?

AkaraokeloverLEVEL 36

Reply by Akaraokelover

I've had this issue and I think it has to do with how you leave the persons page. I find that if you leave the page by clicking on their name to go to their home page the flag will stay. If you leave by any other means it does not stay. Hope that helps.


Reply by Per +1

That shouldn't matter. What could matter however is how soon after flagging it you leave the page. If our server is having a bad day (being really slow) and you flag and click on to another page instantly it might not have time to save your favorite.

This is something we'll improve as soon as possible.