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i just want to share something that happened this week . i had a problem with my paypal this week billing me for a month after a dear lady already sponcered me for gold for a year . o called singsnap support talked to a nice young man named ryan . he was very nice and helpful and when i got off the phone i already had a email from paypal saying that the problem had been resolved . trevor you have such a great staff . the way ryan treated me speaks volumes for your company . when ryans review comes up please give him a raise . thank you ryan

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Yeah...they are all a bunch of great guys. (((((STAFF)))))

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Isn't it funny when a thread goes up complaining about staff there are a million comments in 0-60 seconds or less and when its praise we get three... things that make ya go hmmmmmmm....

I think the guys/gals all do a great job... I think we need a MAKE PER SING BUTTON though

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Up the Reds!!

(and I don't mean Man Utd!! lol)

Nice one Dan!

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It's beginning to look a lot like Snapkus!


Well done Staffers!!!


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I have to add my kudos to the SS staff -- when I've had issues in the past, they always followed up right away and been very helpful, friendly and professional. They seem to go out of their way to find a solution. Really appreciated!

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I have to agree. Whenever I message Trevor, staff and I mean all the staff involved with SS. I always get a quick and rapid response.

There will "never" be a kareoke site as great as SS.

Totally "mint" as Iffy would say lol........

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That's wonderful Dan so glad it was taken care of fast... Hats off to Ryan...


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Way to go Ryan :))