Lucky In Love!

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NovellaLEVEL 109

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Well Hey!

Are You Lucky In Love?

We have all rolled the dice a time or two in our lives - testing our luck - hoping for the best! For this challenge - we're doing something we've never done before. If you like getting super special badges - then you will definitely not want to miss out on this! If you do not care about the badges, play along anyways and sing us a love song! Read below for your challenge.

Lucky In Love Challenge!

This challenge consists of two parts. Both Part A and Part B must be completed. Read carefully!

Part A: You can sing any song on the website that you'd like! You song choice should reflect the number on the dice that you've selected from Part B. The completed song must be dated January 5, 2018! If you know what song you'd like to sing and want it featured, please make your request here!

Part B: There are six sides to each dice. Pick which number you feel is the most lucky and complete the associated challenge. The Lucky Part? Once the challenge is complete I am going to roll a dice. The number that lands face up will be the Lucky In Love Number. Everyone who completed THAT challenge, will receive an extra special badge! I will likely do this on camera and post the results on Monday - following the Lucky In Love challenge! GOOD LUCK!

1: If you decide to choose the Number 1, you must sing a FAST love song. It doesn't matter what genre, it just needs to be fast and upbeat. Be sure to post in your song comment section which number you chose.

2: If you decide to choose the Number 2, you must sing a COUNTRY love song. Be sure to post in your song comment section which number you chose.

3: If you decide to choose the Number 3, you must sing a RAP song that talks about love in some capacity. Be sure to post in your song comment section which number you chose.

4: If you decide to choose the Number 4, you must sing a ROCK love song. The song must be from the ROCK genre. Be sure to post in your song comment section which number you chose.

5: If you decide to choose the Number 5, you must love to laugh and sing us a love-inspired song from the NOVELTY genre. Be sure to post in your song comment section which number you chose.

6: If you decide to choose the Number 6, you must sing a SAD love song. It doesn't matter which genre but it has to be about sad, broken heartedness! Be sure to post in your song comment section which number you chose.

Rules & Guidelines:

1. The Challenge is open from 12:00 AM Friday January 5th to 11:59 PM.
2. Duets are not allowed. Harmony is permitted.
3. Gender Benders are acceptable
4. Have Fun!
5. Post your challenge link back in this thread.
6. Web cams are encouraged but not required.
7. Challenge is open to all members.
8. You may sing one song
9. Promotion of non-challenge songs is strictly prohibited.
10. Post your link only once, if you think you've been missed contact the SingSnap Events Team.
11. You MUST have FUN! Fun, Fun, Fun!
12. The song must be submitted in the following format.

Song Title
Song Link

Happy Singing!


Edited reply by SILLIESARA

morning happy New year
all is well here. loving this. haven't been in challenge for a long time .hear you Friday
I will choose 4 thanks

trojan55LEVEL 110

Reply by trojan55SNAP-STAR +53

Have a nice weekend

I'll choose #4

KellyAnne4PeaceLEVEL 107

Reply by KellyAnne4PeaceSNAP-STAR +47

#6 for me!

KellyAnne4PeaceLEVEL 107

Edited reply by KellyAnne4PeaceSNAP-STAR +47

The request thread takes me to last year....
Thank you for fixing it!

cannotsing24LEVEL 104

Reply by cannotsing24SNAP-STAR +17

# 2 please

Bucks_FizzLEVEL 107

Reply by Bucks_FizzSNAP-STAR +37

Thessa_CALEVEL 106

Reply by Thessa_CASNAP-STAR +13

Lil mood for video

I choose #2

SoulfulStrutterLEVEL 97

Reply by SoulfulStrutterGOLD

Sounds fun.

NCB-karaokeLEVEL 59

Reply by NCB-karaoke

i am so in this.. number 4 sounds like fun

__Angels__LEVEL 106

Reply by __Angels__SNAP-STAR +17

forum/topic/b5180bb8 Thks everyone for the gifts , hugs!!

SingingRainbowLEVEL 104

Reply by SingingRainbowSNAP-STAR +15

J&D's CG@H#89 Rnd#1 is right here ladies! <3

Looks like this is gonna be a fun one huh? See you all on Friday


Reply by MikeIIISNAP-STAR +9

* Pray for Florence/NorCal/Branson, MO/Japan victims*Have a great week* 1,640 songs uploaded *

L C K Y *** I N *** L V E

CurlyshirleyLEVEL 95

Reply by CurlyshirleyGOLD

Number 4, for me if i can make it i will


Reply by northernhorizonGOLD

Be careful even beautiful rose buds have thorns ;) :)

In for sure
love these challenges

bones9607LEVEL 58

Reply by bones9607GOLD

I Would Like To Try #6 Please

KarinKoLEVEL 79

Reply by KarinKo

I choose #5 and i would like to sing Buzz, Buzz (The Vibrator Song) by the Bob & Tom Band. I haven't been lucky in love lately so i am sure I will be lucky in this challenge


Reply by BLTN67GOLD

I'd like to try dice #6 sad song

BCSchmerker2LEVEL 86

Reply by BCSchmerker2SNAP-STAR

I'll roll for two (2).

Marking in Favorites to track additional Replies and Instructions.

Annie_MusicLEVEL 101

Reply by Annie_MusicSNAP-STAR +12

Happy singing <3

Right on, sounds ducky! Hope I'm lucky!

I like Rules #4 and 11 and shall obey

Have fun!

Cinnamon1965LEVEL 103

Reply by Cinnamon1965SPECIAL-EVENTS +1

I choose Lucky number #6

MaryW2832LEVEL 99

Reply by MaryW2832SNAP-STAR +2

I choose #2. Country knows sad.

Mystical-EyesLEVEL 102

Reply by Mystical-EyesSNAP-STAR

well I roll my dice and lol I pick number 6



#4 ~~~~ Happy New Years & See ya on Friday

Sparrow6LEVEL 84

Edited reply by Sparrow6SNAP-STAR

I going to enjoy singing flagging HAPPY NEW YEAR sad love song #6

singin_peanut2014LEVEL 92

Reply by singin_peanut2014 +4

# 2 please, see everyone on Friday

marywulsLEVEL 102

Reply by marywulsSNAP-STAR +13

Have a super weekend x

Number 2 please xx

--AItaliaBella--LEVEL 101

Reply by --AItaliaBella--SNAP-STAR

Hi sounds fun I choose # 3 please thank you

VitaminDeeLEVEL 96

Reply by VitaminDeeSNAP-STAR +13

Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall? Join VitaminDee's Most Awesome XMAS Playlist Scavenger Hunt Contest

This looks like fun!!!

dsider63LEVEL 102

Reply by dsider63SNAP-STAR +5

Welcome to the full of grace Minister Daryl invites you ttp://www.singsnap.comr/b48fa7bbd

Number 2 Please

careyingaLEVEL 81

Reply by careyingaPATRON

Number 2 please

SugarBabe4uLEVEL 92

Reply by SugarBabe4uGOLD

#3 WooHoo!!!


Reply by ANA007GOLD

EyeoftheEagleLEVEL 98

Reply by EyeoftheEagleSNAP-STAR +12

God Bless Our Service Men & will not hurt to pray for them...I Promise.


BrittskiLEVEL 83

Reply by BrittskiGOLD +5



Reply by Spring_Melody

Happy 2018 to ALL !!!

Id like to pick #4


FinnPeterLEVEL 103

Reply by FinnPeterSNAP-STAR

#2 Please



Smile if you read this ,it's contagious, really, SMILE come on try it

# 6 please , hoping my battery lasts to do this probably loose power in this storm


Reply by JetSNAP-STAR +7

StrikingTopazLEVEL 107

Reply by StrikingTopazSNAP-STAR +4

2 please

Jami19LEVEL 94

Reply by Jami19SNAP-STAR

I'm in, 4!

Darin_SharonLEVEL 93

Reply by Darin_SharonGOLD

Number 4, for me!

BillO1405LEVEL 61

Reply by BillO1405GOLD



If I made it in time

SingnJaseLEVEL 75

Reply by SingnJaseGOLD

I am in. And I will go with number 2 for my choice.

wranglerLEVEL 79

Reply by wranglerGOLD +8

i chose no. 6

TekcarLEVEL 96

Edited reply by TekcarSNAP-STAR

I rolled a 1.


sandannieLEVEL 88

Reply by sandannieGOLD +1

Woo hoo, how fun Novella! I'm choosing #5! (Novelty)

Lavender79LEVEL 92

Reply by Lavender79SNAP-STAR +5

Prayers for East Coast Storm victims & families & all the animals.

Cute idea, I am ready ...... This is great! I rolled a #2 Country Love Song


Reply by starlightangel_1SNAP-STAR

I think i will choose # 6

KanchelskisLEVEL 31

Reply by Kanchelskis

I have taken up challenge number 2. Amazed by Lonestar. Hope you enjoy. xPetex

SingingRainbowLEVEL 104

Reply by SingingRainbowSNAP-STAR +15

J&D's CG@H#89 Rnd#1 is right here ladies! <3


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