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Post by Flippenferdinand

Like three hours I could get into the chatroom now I can't??

scarlettohallLEVEL 62

Reply by scarlettohallGOLD

I can't find the chatroom! LOL


Reply by Flippenferdinand

I can't either, what happened? it makes me sad I really liked it!


Reply by Rich

AOL bought it's f**ked!

HollipopLEVEL 3

Reply by Hollipop

Ok I clicked on the CHAT ROOM Tab to go to the CHAT ROOM.....and there isn't a CHAT ROOM? LOL

peachygurlLEVEL 65

Reply by peachygurlGOLD

You enter a screen name and then click log in. A new window will open. You can register at to preserve your chat name and assign a password. Then you can upload pix if you desire.