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BlaizenTrailsLEVEL 5

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Am I the only one on this site that has no fans? Just sayin'...

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Welcome to Singsnap Blaizen. Being a new member it can take a little time to develop a fan base.
You can get more fans by joining some contests/challenges or just by listening to others and leaving comments.
In the meantime you can try singing some songs on the feature which will give you a little more exposure on the main page as well.

BlaizenTrailsLEVEL 5

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Ok, thanks

werewoofLEVEL 37

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Here's one perspective...

I actually have a lot of fans.

But one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that not ONE of them is a fan because they think I'm a great singer and they want to hear my renditions of their favorite songs.

I have spent the past several years doing what I do best. Being a nice person. Actually spending a lot of time listening to people's songs (the whole song), participating in various challenges, message board threads, and stuff, hanging out in the chatroom... Basically getting to know people, interacting with them and being their friend. (as much as a person can be a "friend" with someone they have only interacted with online)
This site is no different than real life. If you treat people well and befriend them, more often than not they will reciprocate.

Without naming any names, I know people on this site who are absolutely amazing singers with god given, "one in a million" talent, who only have a scant few fans. Conversely I also know people who's singing is "fingernails on the chalkboard" (Like Woof, for instance, LOL) who have page after page of fans...

While this site is primarily marketed as a singing/karaoke site, what it truly is is simply a microcosm of real life, and just as in your real life - you reap what you sow.....


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No fans for real! Well you got you a fan!!!

BlaizenTrailsLEVEL 5

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I try to be nice, and I hang out in the chat room and listen to people and comment and rate, and I have a butt-load of favorites now... I get comments on my songs, but I just wondered if maybe people were just "being nice" to me... LoL

I stopped worrying so much about it though because I noticed that there were some worse (MUCH worse!) singers than me on here who have tons of fans... LoL

Thank you bunches, socomicefox!


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werewoof: That was quite the oratory and I so agree with what you just said 1000 percent. Well said and so true. It is a microcosm of real life this SS Site and it also SAVES LIVES! Some people could have done some serious damage to themselves had it not been for this outlet. Also, it's helped in healing many Physical and Emotional states of many that are here, perhaps all that are here.

We are truly Blessed for being part of this Masterful Piece of Musical Artwork that Trevor and associates created.