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Hi, can I have honest Opinion please? I have been singing my whole life but have never had any lessons and I know nothing more than high, medium and low notes, and Alto, Soprano, bass and tenor. I just sing for fun, but I was briefly in a chuch group which I loved until we moved. Sometimes in songs I do change notes up on purpose. Sometimes I wonder if my voice is flat. I don;t have a sound card in this PC but I plan to get one. Would a Sound card make the recording any better for anyone or just on my end?

Anyway, here are a few of mine, Thanks for any input.

http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c8b4c1f41 Ateens - Halfway Around the World
http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c0943caa1 Addicted - Simple Plan
http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c290d4ff9 I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Witney Houston

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lilacroses your timing is good. But your song choices is not good. The I wanna dance with somebody sing truthly it was boring. You gotta pick better songs cause that song is not for ya sorry. A sound card will not make you sound better it will make your recording sound lot more clear and good. But it will not help you sing better no.

Sing with heart. Sing cause you love that song and want to ace that song. Sing cause you love to sing.

Keep singing cause the more you sing the more your voice will grow and voice range will grow and you will be better and better.

LilacRosesLEVEL 25

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Okay, thank you! I usually don't sing songs like I Wanna Dance, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Usually I do Pop, Country or showtunes. Thanks for your reply!

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Now that is the key! You have to sing what you really want to sing and songs that you know. I can tell some of your songs you know real well and truly want to sing them. For instance, two songs in particular Addicted - Simple Plan and Except for Monday, Lorrie Morgan, you know those well and are happy when you sing them. It shows, in your phrasing and the melodic full octave range of notes. The Loretta and Tammy songs Aint Woman Enough and Stand by Your Man were different. I did not hear your happy coming through, I really think it is just not knowing the songs well enough to get the recording your wanting. I noticed on those two songs your octave range of notes was more condensed and more monotonous in nature, like you were just hanging around the middle of the octave. I am meaning that some of your notes were not getting as high or as low as they should be. I know I probably have made no sense and confused you. Like on these two songs I sound the same way till I truly learn them. For me I can listen to the real songs all the time and sing with them fine, but when I am all alone and no voice guiding me, I realize I don't know the song as well as I thought. Practice practice practice. Each time will improve. You are the kind of singer just like me. We are not tone deaf and we are not awesome pro singers either. We fall into the middle what I call the musicality area. The area where practice, learning the song, and singing with confidence can pull off just about any song we want to sing! Singing with conviction and confidence will cover minor mistakes easily and make a great performance. But in the end the most important factor of all is to have fun! If you sing it confidently while having fun, then you can sell the performance and they will buy it! Also, you have to be able to hear yourself when you sing. What I am meaning is that you have to actually hear your voice while you are singing. If you are wearing headphones that do not playback your mic through them, then that will always lead to failure. I don't really think that is a problem for you, cause on some of your songs I know for a fact you can hear yourself. I hope some of this helps a bit. I did not realize I had written a book! LOL good luck and sing sing sing!

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Hi Lilac- you don't have to have training to sing well...but you do need to listen to yourself carefully if you want to improve. You wondered if your voice is flat--because you hear it yourself. When you sing you should concentrate on the tone and really hitting the full tone...for me it has helped to be able to monitor my singing in real time with a direct output from my microphone using headphones (some USB mics have this feature, as well as some sound cards/mixers).

You see all the pros wearing the earpieces/headphones for direct monitoring....on stage and in studio...there is a reason for this...

No doubt lessons and stuff can help but actually hearing how you are singing in real time is so important...my first microphone for Singsnap was an Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB mic that has a direct earphone output for monitoring....only 40 bucks or so...

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A sound card will help a lot as you can monitor what your singing. I wanna dance with somebody you were talking not really singing and being able to hear yourself well while recording is very important. You do need to start out with songs that are simple without a lot of changes in key etc to help you find your range.