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i wish we could have contests live in chatroom and do it like in TV ( American Idol etc...), and may be do all the rounds the same day with the result, we could just click the A-BUTTON OF THE JUDGE AND LISTEN WHO MADE would be people will be able to hear u and vote for u live...even those who will not be participating could represent public...the banner could be sent per PM or in that we can copy
that is because most of the people dont have time to wait for many weeks for the results of the first round, and now comes second round ! and the participants cant listen to all the others when we are for example 50 in the competition...and sometimes some of the participants go out of the competition because there are ill or busy...

but LIVE in chatroom will be for those who have time for the competition and the public also...pre-recording could also be heard live in chatroom...
the responsibles of the contest could create their own chatroom where to participate and fix a date like usualy...

They will be posting the contest on MESSAGE BOARD as usual, and when the number of participants is reached...they could then post the LINK OF THEIR CHATROOM that we could come and participate...also for the public :),those who will not be chosen by the judges for the SECOND ROUND could still be there watching if they want , or may be voting...

I hope u will understand what i mean and like it ! i think its interesting....
have a nice day...everyone and thanks for reading



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I think its a fantastic idea, one that I 'kicked' around with another host once a long time ago. He gave me his views on the obstacles, the biggest was getting all together at a designated time being everyone lives in different time zones and have varying schedules. The only thing I could figure out is if the contest offered great prizes (gift cards, Gold, or cash) making it very appealing.

The other I thought of was that each contestants sound must be correctly setup before hand (for the chat room) or it would cost valuable time with others waiting growing impatient. Also a judge or the judges would also have to be there during this time and their time zones and schedule being a factor.

Perhaps the major problem is the chat rooms on SS are third party and don't always work well. They used to boot people at random or every person, which would mean singing an entry over again. Also there are ads that used to have malware, trojans, or viruses and not even clicking them but still getting infected. Of course there is a little change in the code that most probably know by now that blocks all ads, however one person I know still contracted one even with this 'block'.

Another thing is the fact that the chat rooms here used to boot either an individual or all randomly periodically. This would mean if they were singing a song and got booted causing a do over once back in the room, meaning more time wasted.

I still think its a wonderful idea as it would show true on the spot live singing talent but for those reasons I never tried.

Good luck.

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i had a successful contest one evening my private chat room was on for 5 hours and i never seen anyone get booted at all.........................that must of happen years ago ................i seen that in room on other site like if the one who runs the room looses is internet connection ..........or the person who is in the room his internet kicks off


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That's excellent for 5 hrs and none got booted! It must've changed, though this person told me (just going by their word and me not being in a chat room from UserPlane here since 2009, maybe a little in 2010 as well) it was still happening. He said this a few mths ago, but that's good that it wouldn't be a factor in an online contest.


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BTW nice going on having a private live contest, the idea is great cause it cuts down on all the tasks hosts must do in regular contests, biggest reason for me liking this type.

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thank u sooooooooo much...for ur replies :-), i realy apprecitate...i am so happy that this is a good idea for u...i hope ..the other will see it the same way...because i think also its a great ronnie67 shows great talent one will have to sing 10 TIMES to get an excellent recording and then post...:-P hahaha !!!
of course there could still be pre-recording contest....but when allowed^^

thank u